Springtime in Paris sandals

Big initial MI’m not really the pink sandals type, but when I saw these in a Paris shoe store on the rue de Rivoli for only $20 . . . well, I had to have them. After all, I was on my honeymoon! This was back 2004 and I think I’ve worn them once. As I said, I’m not a pink sandal type.

But on Thursday night, I was putting together an outfit to wear at my wearable art group‘s fashion show. I had everything I needed — pale gray silk top and pants, silk scarf in a William Morris design, necklace and earrings . . . and no shoes! Uh-oh. Destiny and I have taught this talented group several classes on painting shoes and bags, so I HAD to have cool shoes.

Springtime in Paris sandals-018 DSC05486Good thing I work well on deadline! I combed my closet for something I could paint and rediscovered these pink sandals. My next stop was my embellishment stash. I was looking for something delicate enough to work with the patterns on the scarf. I came across a pair of embellishments I had made for shoes then turned into pendants. Time to turn them back into shoe decorations!

Then I got out my Lumiere paints. I mixed Citrine and Metallic Olive and sponged it on the wedge using a corner of a George Foreman grill sponge. If you’re not familiar with this sponging technique, check out this post. At the bottom you’ll find tips and a photo that will introduce you to this fabulous shoe painting tool!

When I was dry, I got out Lumiere’s Pearl Magenta and sponged a little of that over the green sponging. Using two or three layers of sponging gives you the best effect. Here’s the wedge looked like afterwards.

Springtime in Paris sandals-009

Springtime in Paris sandals straps closeupNext I looked at the sandal straps and decided to sponge some of them with my green paint mixture and some with the Pearl Magenta, which was slightly darker than the original pink.

The tiny points on the Foreman sponge make much tinier “dots” than a sea sponge can. Also, they stay nice and stiff the whole time you are painting.

George foreman sponge (2)

Then it was time to position and stitch on the embellishments using Fireline beading thread and a leather needle.

Springtime in Paris sandals-005 I decided to position the roses with filigree background off to the side of the sandals to increase their interest.

Springtime in Paris sandals rose only

I also dabbed some of the Lumiere Pearl magenta onto the green of the roses to tie it in with the colors on the sandals.

Springtime in Paris sandals-012

Springtime in Paris sandals-024I finished these in about two hours, and the longest part was stitching on the embellishments. Here they are with the scarf they were planned to complement. I wore them 36 hours later at the fashion show and was relieved I had something to show off when people asked, “What shoes do you have on this time?”

Hurrah for shoe paint!

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