DWhenever Margot and I get emails asking advice or expressing interest in our craft, we always conclude our correspondence with, “Please send us before and after shots. We LOVE getting emails with photos of your creations!” When we say this, we aren’t paying lip service. We really, really mean it. We love to see and SHARE your artistic visions — like the ones below.

001LindseyCollage1. Lindsey – She found these designer shoes at a consignment shop, perfect fit and shape but she hated the color. A simple makeover using Metallic Pewter transformed them from a strange green-brown into a shimmering darker gray.

– – – – – –

002KristiCollage 2. Kristi M. – She wrote us a very thorough email explaining her amazing creations, which I will paraphrase here:

I just wanted to share with you a couple pairs of shoes I did using the Lumiere paints.  I was inspired by some wedges that Alisa Burke painted as well as her artwork. I painted for myself some shoes that started out as inexpensive striped espadrilles from Old Navy.  I sketched in my design with pencil and filled it in with the Lumiere paints. I went back and did the dark outlines with Pitt pens. I never did get around to doing a clear coat over everything, but it turned out not to matter.

The paint actually outlasted the life of the shoes with no wear at all after a year and a half!  I stepped in water a couple times wearing them and it seeped up through the jute soles, ruining the insole and making them too uncomfortable to wear anymore. 🙁 I would love to get my hands on some Tom’s peep toed wedge shoes to paint next.

The sneakers I painted for my niece. I did them so from one side it looked like the were all floral and from the other side, all swirly polka dots.  She had seen some that my now 10-year-old daughter and I painted together (they are too filthy to share at this point) and wanted some for herself. They are so fun to do!

Thanks for all of the great inspiration you provide on a regular basis!  I really love the pink tennies you blogged about recently and would love to do a pair for myself! (maybe in turquoise, though) :).

– – – – – –


3. Kari – Her email to us was concise enough to serve as the description here as well: Before (gold) and after (dark silver)! I can’t wait till I get black shoelaces so I can wear them. Thanks so much for your help.

I used Metallic Pewter with Neopaque Black added to get the dark silver shade I wanted. Then I used the stamp-pad ink you recommended (StazOn or Adirondack alcohol ink) on the sole. I also used straight Neopaque Black diluted with some water on the inside fabric part that would show while wearing them.

– – – – – –


4. Lynda – Above are Lynda’s CLOSETFUL of upcycled beauties. She discovered our book and realized there was a DIY fashionable solution to having to wear orthopedic shoes. She wrote, Here are SOME of the makeovers I have done since I discovered your great book. I have had extensive foot surgery, and have many UGLY but expensive shoes I have been transforming, thanks to you.  Surely you recognize your techniques.

Lynda Criswell -red with uncoiled zipperThanks for showing me how to update these expensive monsters. I actually get compliments on…my shoes!  Thanks to you! I do not want to mislead you, however.  Not all of them are orthotic, but they are all high quality, supportive, and usually ugly.  The best example is the red one with the uncoiled zipper down the front.

Nicely transformed, Lynda.

– – – – – –


5. Lynne S – Margot recently attended a meeting of wearable art group, PenWAG. There she ran into Lynne S. who was wearing a pair of her customized shoes. So, Margot snapped a couple pics with her phone. From the pictures, I’m guessing Lynne used a cosmetic sponge and dabbed on light layers of Metallic Bronze and Metallic Rust.

– – – – – –


6. Sandy D. – These fun, funky wedges were created for her niece’s wedding. She wanted something that represented the sand and the sea. Sandy used lots of colors and really went for it. She wrote, As you know, when I paint, each shoe screams a story at me, so the footbed, which represents the ocean, is Halo Blue Gold, the wedge, which represents the beach, is Halo Pink Gold, the glitter, which represents the sand, is Honey Spice.  The small space between the “ocean and beach” that is like foliage is Citrine.

I believe the fish are Metallic Gold, along with Pearl Magenta and Burgundy.I wanted something fun, something that screams Hawaii, beach, ocean.  The reason I went with that color for the ocean was because my niece mentioned something about “greenish” and “guava,”and I thought the Halo Blue and Pink Gold represented these two colors very well.

– – – – – –

Seeing emails loaded with pictures is one of my favorite things about being a part of Sassy Feet. I know I have said this many times before, but I really mean it. It is inspiring and infectious and it makes me want to get creating! So keep sending them in!

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