DOn April 10, I shared the first volume of my experimentation with that familiar silver roll we all First Attempt know and love, Duct tape. I gave a black pair of Mary Janes an upgrade by using the shoe’s existing stitching to “color block” them with very shiny, very sticky silver tape.

Duct Tape has quite the sticky reputation. The Star Wars-themed joke goes, “Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together.” But Margot was as skeptical as I was excited about how permanent it would be on shoes. She worried that the tape on the toes would peel up fairly quickly, and I was instructed to test AND WEAR them, thoroughly.

These have been my shoes of choice for three weeks now and have done very well. None of the duct tape on the throat of the shoe (the part you slide your foot into) has lifted. Socks and bare feet have been rubbing it for three weeks. But alas, Margot’s fear finally came true. I got a “run” on the toe of the right shoe, where tape meets sole.  When I originally taped them, I did so by running the duct tape down the length of the shoe, which left a seam that ran straight down the middle of each toe. It seemed the neatest way to do things at the time.

But, now I know better! Doing it this way leaves the jaggedy end (where I tore the tape from the roll) to take all the hard hits where the rubber meets the road, as it were. So, I thought, what if I pulled up the tape and laid a new piece ACROSS the toe instead? Would changing the “grain” of the duct tape improve its resilience?


Well, I did it, and now I’m going to don my duct tape Janes and wear them until they rip again. If it takes longer than three weeks, I’m going to call this a success. I can see that applying the tape directly to parts of the shoe that take impact will ALWAYS cause problems, though.

I don’t think I’d recommend duct-taping over painting when you want a permanent change. But, it’s a very quick, fun and VERY SHINY SILVER facelift if you’re OK with re-applying it. Or, maybe on a purse, which takes a lot less abuse… Hmmm, could that be a Vol. 3 of this topic?

Bows (1)

Bows (2)

I did discover that duct tape makes really cute embellishments, however! Check out these adorable bows I made. If you want to know how, just comment and I’ll do another post about it.

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