6a010536e1ea81970c017ee9cba2cd970d.jpg[1]There are all these new, out-of-the-box, Duct-tape-dress-adunexpected DIY avenues surfacing these days. Duct tape is out there in front, sweeping the nation, which sparked Duck brand duct tape to make patterned tapes for craft use. We aren’t talking your normal gaffer’s 100 mph tape your dad used to keep the universe together. It’s colorful and crazy, and being made into bookmarks, bags, and even prom dresses. It’s so formidable as a craft supply, Project Runway had a duct tape prom dress episode this season.

I started to wonder how it would hold up on shoes. So I got a few different rolls (silver, black, and houndstooth) (as well a couple new pairs of shoes….) to try it out in the coming weeks.

New folder 000 (2)First, a simple design for a pair of black Mary Janes.As much as I WANTED to go for houndstooth straight away, I decided not to contend with matching a pattern on my maiden voyage. Instead I grabbed the silver roll and started tearing off strips, laying them vertically down the shoe. I used a razor blade to cut the tape along the lines of the leather neatly, and scissors to trim off extras. To tell the truth, I did prep the areas with alcohol first.

The trickiest part was pressing the tape down over the toe smoothly. The first shoe seemed to go worse than the second, and you sort of need to cut slits in the tape so you can press it down in overlapping sections. But, since my new duct tape shoes are waaaaaay down at my feet, anyone close enough to notice these flaws most likely has other problems to contend with.

New folder-001 I’ve been wearing them two full days now. The pictures don’t come close to doing them justice. Not a piece of tape has curled or pulled up. Even the stuff folded over the throat of the shoe, though it has faded where my foot rubs inside. So far, I’m pleased! I would like to do further tests with this. Maybe some duct tape bows or a handbag. I’m sort of stuck on it.

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