Ever since designers have been designing, they have been using pin Sfpinterest[1]and inspiration boards to get their creative juices flowing. They scrounge, cut, and clip all kinds of images that they think will provide ideas for their own style, innovation and design. In the 21st Century, with the entire globe of visuals at your beck-and-click, you can draw inspiration from any culture, any time of the day.

But where do you put it all? How do you keep it organized? Maybe you bookmarked all those images. Or saved them onto your computer … until the next computer crash. Links get lost, hours wasted trying to keep it all straight. Then, in March 2010, the problem was fixed with the introduction of Pinterest, an online bulletin board where you can pin up pictures of… whatever you want!

Now you can access your inspiration anywhere, anytime. Arrange, then rearrange. Easily keep everything nice and tidy. And other people can visit your board to see if they want to re-pin anything to their own boards.

Margot and I have a lot of fun pinning to the Sassy Feet! boards. We’ve also been getting a lot of re-pins. We thought it would be fun to share with you which of our shoes are most popular in terms of getting re-pinned by others.

Margot's BootsFirst up: Margot’s Cowboy boots. They were most recently featured on her Spring Colors blog where she explains how she did it (and much, much more).


Lauren's Wedding BootsNext: We have Lauren’s Wedding Boots. We included them in a recent blog featuring shoes from our fans. Pinners love them too!


Destiny's Steampunk BootsThird: I created these for Costume College last year as an example of steampunk boots. I called them Post-Apocalyptic Airship Captain. I’m really in love them, and am glad they are as popular as they are. I posted them to my deviantArt page and they had over 100 faves in less than 24 hours, too!


Fine-line gluingIt’s not all eye candy. This one is practical. Margot recently blogged about tricks of the trade and included a how-to on applying a fine line of thick gooey glue like E6000. Hint: It involves an inexpensive syringe.


Book cover

Last, but not least: Our book! It includes everything we know, plus lifetime help emails. We’re very proud of all the research and hours of (not so much) blood, (a little bit more) sweat, and (again, hours and hours) of time that went into it. I’m very glad Pinterest pinners agree!

If you haven’t peeked at our Pinterest boards, go take a look! You might even want to start one yourself!

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