DEvery so often Margot and I get emails from Sassy Feet fans all over the world with pictures of their imaginative creations. This, personally, is one of my favorite things about being a part of the Sassy Feet team. Wild color combinations, unexpected embellishments, unique ingenuity. There’s so much creativity and fearlessness out there! It’s really refreshing and inspiring. I’m going to share with you some of our most recent fan-shions.

FanBlog-001Hannah sent us before and after pictures of her well-loved cowboy boots with the following email:

Your website was a great way for me to figure out how to fix up my old cowboy boots. I had worn them to death and my mom had gotten them resoled for me. Before the resole, I hadn’t realized how cracked and scarred they were. Afterwards, I knew I needed to do something to make them wearable again. Your site gave me the information necessary to bring them back. Thank you.    Hannah

Hannah said she used Pewter, Pearl Turquoise, and Halo Blue Gold. She left the stitching lines in the original brown. What an amazing transformation! They look like a completely new pair of shoes. And, the colors are wonderful together.



Cowboy boots, part two. Susan used Bright Gold, Pearl Emerald, and Pearl Blue for these fab numbers.

I attended your shoe painting class at Costume College last year and have been painting shoes ever since. Now I want to repaint a pair that I painted previously. They have leather uppers, so I had prepped them with alcohol, but now that they have been painted what should I use?

BTW, I painted some western boots for a show called Cowgirls that was produced at our local community theater. See attached. Unfortunately I did not get them photographed until AFTER the show. You can see they were well-worn!

Thanks for your help, Susan

I personally think they look amazing even after all the performances. This really goes to show you how well the paint sticks! And, to answer Susan’s question: YES! You can paint over a color if you change your mind. No problem at all. Just prep the surface by very lightly wiping with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oils.


FanBlog-003 These viridian beauties come to us from costumer Cherries Jubilee of Cherries’ Orchard. She is no stranger to having her inspired visions grace our fan features. She already knew we would want to use them! How could we not?

Hi Margot,

These are a recently completed commission called The Absinthe Fairy for a young lady attending Fairy Con in January.  Of course you may use them if you wish.  — Cherries Jubilee

Metallic Olive is a favorite, and you can see why! She smartly attached that line of crystals to parts of the shoes that DON’T flex. This ensures they won’t pop off. The Neopaque Black trim finishes it nicely.


Leanne after

Last today, but certainly not least, these lively sandals sent to us by Leanne who “inherited” the shoes from her late mom (sorry, no before picture!). She said she was inspired to re-do them because they are one of those “comfort brands” beloved of older ladies, and she wanted to make them sing — and maybe dance!

Each embellishment is made of a pipe cleaner wrapped with ribbon, then brushed with Paverpol and twisted into shape until it hardened. (Paverpol is a product you can apply to fabric and it will harden into a sculpture-like material.) She then glued the pipe cleaner to to a small scrap of limed-colored felt, glued down the googly eye in the center and then glued the whole thing to the shoe using The Ultimate.

Why shouldn’t we make things uniquely our own? I’ll follow the wise words of “the countess of fashion,” Lynn Dell: “My philosophy is: Fashion says, ‘Me too,’ while style says, ‘only me.’ “

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