DIt’s no secret Margot and I love shoes. We have quite a collection of Images[1]our own DIY designs. With all  the various styles and creations lining Margot’s studio walls, it’s almost like an exhibition. Maybe we should start a museum? The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC has done just that.

Currently on display, in an exhibition appropriately titled Shoe Obsession, are over 150 examples of the most outrageous and extraordinary shoe designs of the 21st Century. Designs by Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, and Manolo Blahnik just to name a few. Pop culture shoe icons (like those of Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw and avant-garde pop star Lady Gaga) are also on display. The exhibit is inspired by a book of the same name — a piece of shoe library reference material and eye-candy all in one no doubt.


Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring, 2011



Alexandre Birman, Resort 2013

I would just love to be able to hop a flight to New York and check this show out. To see firsthand how shoes have gone from just being accessorized additions to making a fashion statemen themselves would be something to behold. The show is running until April 13. Anyone close enough should go in my place and report back to us! For those, like me, who cannot attend, check out their Flickr Album!

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