Big initial MI bought this pair of beautiful Steve Madden suede slingbacks a couple of years ago when I was still fooling myself that I still could walk in high heels…. Turns out, Destiny is the only high-heel diva at Sassy Feet! So I have several pairs of beautiful, unworn high heels that I have decided to put on ebay.

Fine, make a little extra money, always welcome. But I kept putting it off. There was really nothing interesting about doing this. More procrastinating. Then I realized I could embellish the shoes before I put them up for sale! Suddenly all my creativity came alive and I was really excited about the project!

I pulled all sorts of embellishments out of our Sassy Feet stash and tried them on for size, as it were. Today I want to show you the various choices I came up with, then show you the one I ended up choosing.

Gray suede collage 1 First I tried two different colors of an embellishment I purchased years ago at a FABULOUS embellishment shop in London. It’s made of nice heavyweight rayon twisted cord. My assessment? Attractive, but nothing special. I kept looking.

Gray suede collage 2 Then I found some more interesting items. From left, an oversize brass mesh rose painted blue, a section of gray folded and rolled fabric trim that looked like flowers, and an embroidered and beaded piece of embellishment with an organza backing. The last one would have needed some stiffening to make the section extending beyond the vamp stand up and not get in the way of putting one’s foot in the shoe. Hmm. More looking.

Gray suede collage 3 The last contestant was an embellishment that Destiny created, which (shhh!) is listed on etsy as a pretty cool pendant. As I looked at it though, from a number of angles, I decided it looked a lot better from straight above than it did from the side. So, who was the winner??

Lavendar suede gray rose-003 resized It was the soft gray rose, which perfectly echoed the ultra-softness of the suede. I glued these in place using Fabri-Tac, our glue of choice for attaching fabric to suede (unless we’re going to stitch it down).

Size 9.5M

And here they are on ebay, size 9.5 if you’re interested. They got two bids the first day they were up!

Here’s a quick rundown of the other Steve Madden shoes I put on ebay, with their links (just click on the photo). I’ll tell you next week how I created the little rose of metal chain on the brown suede platform sandals. It was a triumph of risk-taking and ingenuity, if do say so myself!

Size 9.5M

Size 9.5M

Size 9.5M

Size 9M

Size 6.5M

This last pair with the zippered ruffle across the instep appeared in Altered Couture magazine. To read the article on our website, click here.

By the way, it WAS a bunch of work to take photos, edit them, and list the shoes on ebay, but it was worth it for the fun of embellishing and seeing them online!

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