DSometimes I think the various styles of shoes should be like animals, scientifically classified in their taxonomy groups. There are SO MANY types out there. If you aren’t a shoe maven, you look at a style and think “What is this one called?” Then a shoe maven tells you, “It’s a T-strap, platform, peep-toe d’Orsay.” D’Orsay-what?!

While browsing Pinterest, we found this cool chart that I wanted to share with you all.

By the way, Pinterest is an EXCELLENT source of information and design inspiration. If you haven’t checked it out, you should! It’s becoming like a visual search engine for crafters, DIYers, cooks and hobbyists of all types.

Margot and I have two boards on shoes. DIY Tips for Shoes and Bags offers suggestions for copying the shoes we’ve pinned. Here’s a recent pin, to give you an idea.

Alexander_McQueen_black_feathersAlexander McQueen feather shoes — DIY using clear vinyl straps and feather trim stitched on top of them. Whatever sandals you start with, cut off the straps, leaving a stub 1.25″ long at each end. Fold over each “stub” and stitch together with STRONG beading thread (Fireline, Dandyline,etc.)

These will be the anchors for your new vinyl straps. Make similar loops on the ends of the new straps (you could even cut your own out of heavyweight vinyl from the hardware store) and either sew or use a STRONG split ring to connect with the old straps. Now stitch on feather trim!

Our other board is called Shoes We Love!  I like this title because it means we can include stuff that’s just plain gorgeous as well as shoes that have aspects you might want to copy. For example, we pinned the shoes below from the shop of a talented etsy designer:

Painted undersides of heelsWhat a great idea — painting a bright design over the entire sole, breast (the  inner face of the heel) and platform of a solid-color shoe!

There are lots of other shoe blogs on Pinterest, too. Two that I like to check for eye candy and ideas are Bergdorf Goodman’s shoe-a-day board called Today’s Shoe, and Beth Livesay’s The Shoes Have It. Beth was formerly the editor of Altered Couture and she has delicious taste in shoes!

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