DAs Margot and I flip through the top fashion magazines like Vogue, KrinkElle, Marie Claire, and W, we always see amazing (and sometimes completely unrealistic) designs from the industry crème-de-la-crème — with price tags to match. Those prices can range from $200 to $2000 and beyond. One day, while we sat and drooled, it came to us… We could do something like that!

Here’s an example. Handbag maker Coach recently collaborated with Brooklyn-based graffiti artist Craig Costello, who’s signature style is… well, you can see it in this photo. He markets a line of graffiti art supplies (I am not making this up) under the name Krink.

Since I have an affinity for street and graffiti art, Margot didn’t hesitate to email me when she read about the new Krink for Coach limited edition line of leather goods.

I saw the pics of the drip-spatter-and-smear style bags and knew I had to make a designer doppelganger. Remember my Goodwill purse from last month, the one with the bonus wallet I found inside?


I grabbed the wallet and collected the following supplies: A sea wool sponge, Lumiere paint in Metallic Russet and Metallic Bronze, and the small round brush from our multi-pack of brushes.

Krink001I started by using the Krink002sea wool sponge to dapple the background in Metallic Russet. This was to mimic the very light splatters in the Krink design. Then I added in a few dabs of Metallic Bronze just because.

When you are using a sponge of any kind, make sure you have a place to tamp and test how thick the paint is. If you have a pointy sponge like the sea wool, and it’s too loaded with paint, you’ll end up with blobs instead of little pointy dots.

Krink Blog

After that sponged layer dried, I used the round brush and Metallic Bronze to start painting drips down the wallet. Drips are fairly easy to create. They are just rounded, uneven, sort of vertical lines. I added some thinner lines and spots to vary the design and give it more dimension.

Krink006 Granted, my doppelganger wallet isn’t an EXACT replica of the Krink-for-Coach line, but it certainly has the same feel.

As I hope you’ll discover, doing design-alikes is really fun. Margot and I are planning on showing more of them here, so if you see any shoes on the web that you think would make good subjects, send us the link!

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