6a010536e1ea81970c017ee71c4391970d.jpg[1]Margot and I recently attended the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Trade Show, which was a wonderful learning and networking experience for us. We took lots of classes and discovered some new products to use on shoes, which we’ll be telling you about in the weeks to come. After sitting down to organize our new knowledge then arranging our notes and priorities, we took a creativity break to recharge. Blog (1)

Margot worked on a pair of little girl shoes she’ll be posting about on Sunday, and I wanted to embellish a pair of recently acquired, so-so nautical-esque canvas slip ons that practically screamed for treatment. I had seen paint pens used successfully on shoes at CHA, so I figured why not give it a try?

I dug through Margot’s art supply stash and found a fluorescent pink Sharpies poster paint pen. (Note that this is the PAINT pen, not the permanent marker.) I shook it up and just started drawing bright pink Curly Qs all over the top of the toe. The stitching and construction of this style shoe made for good color blocking. After finishing off the design with a mehndi-inspired flower, I ran the paint pen over the white stitching, too. Blog (2)

I liked it. But the bright white rubber sole just stared up at me, glowing obnoxiously. I asked Margot if there was anything she had that I could try on the rubber to tint it. She handed me a fuchsia pink pad of StazOn alcohol ink and a cotton ball. I dabbed the pink onto the defiantly white sole, and BAM, I had it!

Collage The nice thing about applying the ink was that since the canvas of the shoe was black, any mistakes I made in dabbing on the fuchsia ink didn’t show. I could rub with wreckless abandon and get near perfect results.

Blog (6) Just an extra note: I didn’t have time to finish both shoes but I did wear them as they were, half finished (in public, too), the remainder of the day and everything seemed to stay put. I plan to finish the other this week, wear them nonstop and report back on longevity. We’ve stained rubber soles before with StazOn (Margot has an article on this in the upcoming issue of Altered Couture) and it works well, but Sharpies poster paint is new to us. Adventure!

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