6a010536e1ea81970c017d405f1942970c.jpg[1]Margot and I always like to see what’s trending in the shoe world. Obviously spiked, studded, Enhanced-buzz-15352-1358793871-8[1]and GLITTERED are currently king, well maybe queen. You know what I mean! Personally,I  love the glitter. I’m not sure what it is about glitter that gets me so, but I’m always looking for ways to use it.

Glitter is so in right now, it’s even on a show horse’s best-dressed list! Katie Notopolous spotted some glammed-up horse hooves at President Obama’s inauguration last week and included them in her Swag or Drag list (they were obviously Swag). Those hooves are inarguably awesome.

TSLT700300_94108[1]I’d never seen glittered hooves before. But hooves are just like big toe nails. Why hadn’t I thought of this? Apparently, the bright people at Twinkle Toes picked up my slack and created Hoof polish.

We may not have been smart enough to think up a glitter for horse hooves, but we WERE smart enough to figure out how to glitter shoes by creating Glitter It! Glaze. And glitter them in a way where the glitter stays on instead of leaving a pesky trail behind wherever you go.

I’d like to share with you my favorite glittered designs from our work.


Diva Couture: crystals, pinstripes, and Petal Pink glitter! Featured in the Summer 2010 issue of Altered Couture Magazine.


Our do-it-yourself Ruby Slippers 


Glitterati — Accepted into the illustrious Wearable Expressions 2008 juried show! 


Lastly, our Bourbon Street Beauties. Perfect for any Mardi Gras party. Featured on Crafty Manolo’s shoe blog


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