DSC05933 Big initial MI was remembering the other day how back in the 1990s, when I was in therapy to deal with the aftereffects of being abused as a child, I used to do art as part of my healing process. I made stuff out of clay (nothing you could recognize!), drew with oil pastels (ditto), and played with colored pens and rubber stamps. Recently, a friend suggested I might want to do some more playing — and I thought of using children’s shoes as my canvas.

It occurred to me that it would be really fun to make a pair of little girl’s shoes that expressed what I could not express when I was a child. Below are the two different “art-therapy” shoes I created. I had a blast doing them!

Don't step on me collage

These are called “Don’t Step on Me!” They use screw-in cone-shaped spikes to make their point (pun intended).

NO boots These are tiny little stomper boots called “I said NO!” They are painted with Sharpie poster paint pens, which work pretty well on leather and manmade leather, though if you put them on too thick they tend to crack.  I added the chain at the last minute. I like how it breaks up all the NO’s. It also looks sorta tough, which I also like.

Sharpie poster paint

I highly recommend hitting your nearest thrift store for children’s shoes and — whether you choose to express old feelings that didn’t get aired at the time or you just want to create something wonderful and unusual — get out your paints and your embellishment stash!

P.S. Destiny and I decided that she is going to take the other shoe in each of these pairs and do something exactly opposite — sweet, girly, delicate? I’m not sure what, but we’ll find out when she blogs about them. 

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