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Twenty-eight years after taking a job for one of Apple’s competitors in Silicon Valley, I have finally purchased my first Apple product: a white iPhone 4S. It’s very cool — and it’s very W H I T E !  (Yes, I could have gotten black but it might have made me take my phone too seriously. You have to keep these high-tech gadgets in their place.)

It's My Bag backpack purseI knew I would need a protective (and non- W H I T E ) case for it, so I chose black leather. You’ve probably guessed why. So I could PAINT it!

Below are step-by-step photos of the progression as I painted the case to coordinate with my sponge-dabbed Ameribag, which I wrote about in an earlier blog. (For how-to information on doing this kind of a cosmetic-sponge paint job, read this even-earlier post.)

The colors I used, in this order, were Super Copper, Metallic Olive Green, Pearlescent Violet, Metallic Russet and Halo Pink Gold. I did the dabbing with wedge-shaped cosmetic sponges, which I cut into small sections to suit the very small size of the phone case I was painting. The key to getting dramatic effects with this method is to leave some of the black background showing for contrast. It’s also really helpful to cut narrow strips of masking tape to keep paint off the metal parts of the phone case.

Iphone step 1

Iphone step 2

Iphone step 3

Iphone step 4 AND wedges

Iphone after

Because it was such a physically small project, it took very little time. There was a point when I put too much paint on and covered up (to my mind) too much of the black background. But I just lightly dabbed on some Neopaque Black paint over the colors and kept going.

P.S. I apologize that the in-progress photos aren’t the usual quality, but I was snapping pictures in indoor light, late at night, as I was painting. At least the “after” shot is crisp!

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