ETA Pam 1

Pam patiently painting her huaraches

Margot and Destiny here, with apologies for being offline for longer than usual. We spent the weekend before last at the Education in the Textile Arts (ETA) Conference in Irvine, CA, and came home beat!

ETA Pam 2

Pam painted the woven leather strips in her huaraches in multiple colors, using an imaginative and non-repeating pattern

Between Friday night and Sunday late afternoon we ran a booth in their expo hall, did a shoe-painting demo and a slide show, taught a class in painting and embellishing shoes, did a simliar class about doing the same to handbags, and held a Saturday night Painting Party for folks who wanted to learn how to paint, sponge and/or stencil their t-shirts.

We had a blast, but as you can imagine, it took a lot out of us. Now the energy is flowing again and we want to share some photos of the work our students did. They were a smart, lively and creative bunch and as usual, we learned almost as much as we taught.

The pictures you’ll see in this post are ones Destiny took of the shoe-painting class, and they include a handbag getting a new color scheme (we always tell folks they are welcome to bring a bag instead of a pair of shoes).

We are saving the photos from our Paint Party for another day — wouldn’t want to overwhelm you!

ETA Karen collage

Karen combines Lumeiere’s Pewter with a slightly muted version of Pearlescent Turquoise for a really elegant look
ETA Cathy collage
Cathy eventually ended up with bright circles of color all over her black boots
ETA Melissa collage
Melissa meticulously hand-painted daisies on a pair of red canvas sneakers


ETA Leighann Diane collage

At left, Leighann gives her bag a makeover. Right, a pair of sandals done by Diane. Both of these projects use color blocking to create their effects.
ETA Rayna Nancy collage
The dance of opposites: At left, Rayna paints her sneakers with the color and patterns of the Flying Glove from the Beatles movie “Yellow Submarine,” while at right Nancy uses Lumiere’s Crimson to color a pair of peeptoe flats. When the paint was dry, she stitched on a spiral-gathered red zipper from our private stash.


ETA Elaine

Elaine wanted leopard-print flats, so Destiny showed her how to paint leopard spots. After these were done, Elaine painted the leather ruffle around the opening of the shoe in a nice contrasting black.

Our apologies to those of you who didn’t get your shoes in this post — it wasn’t because they weren’t wonderful, just that not all the photos came out well.

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