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I’ve been hoarding photos of painted shoes and bags that our fans have been sending me, and it’s time to stop keeping them to myself. Enjoy!

Beetleboots, Beetleboots, Beetleboots!

This pair is called Beetleboots and they were sent in by costumer Cherries Jubilee of Cherries’ Orchard. They are painted in several colors of gleaming Lumiere. Dragonflies and other bugs hang from the laces. One boot has a vintage watchface painted on the toe, the other has a collection of cool steampunk-y gears.

Sandy D wolf boots

Sandy painted these black Uggs for a woman in Pennsylvania who runs a wolf sanctuary and a B&B, a place Sandy and her husband love to visit. The black wolves are leather appliques, and the stars and moon sparkle with Glitter It Glaze.


Ronnie sent in this photo of some wingtip oxfords he painted and glittered with a distressed effect. The colors on the front fade from Pearlescent Blue to  Metallic Silver on the side. In the back, they shift from Pearlescent Violet to Metallic Silver on the side. Next he added Ultramarine and Fuchsia Glitter It Glaze on the vamp with a light layer of Neopaque Black over them to mute the glitter effect.
Ronnie says if you add the black while the Glitter It is still slightly wet, the glitter tends to accumulate in small chunks, which he thinks is a pretty cool distressed effect. Last of all, Ronnie painted stars in the area where his laces will go.
Barbara b metal flake clogs
Barbara found us after a Google search and loved the post I wrote last year about putting metallic leafing on a pair of worn-out Danskos. She said she’s thrilled with the results!
Laura collage
Laura wrote that she loves having fun, funky shoes, “but with my back as lousy as it is, I refuse to get anything other than comfortable supportive shoes, and those don’t tend to come in funky and fun.” So she took an old but favorite pair of shoes that were starting to look a little frumpy and sad.
Well, they aren’t frumpy anymore! Laura says she’s so excited by how these turned out, she predicts she’ll soon have a closet full of glittery, jewel-toned shoe! (P.S. These were painted in Crimson and Pearlescent Violet, then glittered with Really Red and Royal Purple Glitter It Glaze.
Angela collage
Angela, a friend from my wearable art group, sent these pictures of some slides she painted for a lawyer friend in the hopes it would add some pizzazz to her legal life. She experimented with a Metallic Olive Green background and Pearlescent Violet zebra stripes, but didn’t like how they turned out so she kept going. She ended up with this wonderful melange of the green and violet with Metallic Bronze and Pearlescent Blue, applied first with a paint brush then with a cosmetic sponge to get the little lines and dabs. (I did a blog post a while back on using cosmetic sponges to get cool effects — here’s the link.)
Angela also turned two of her friends on to painting on leather, with these results:

Linda toned down purse

Linda wanted to tone down and update the look of this woven leather purse


Debbie S

Debbie transformed these Chinese Laundry slides with fabulous results!
Lauren wedding boots
Lauren started thinking about doing some wedding boots last year and we swapped emails answering her questions and encouraging her to plunge into painting cowboy boots (her eclectic choice for bridal shoes). She fell in love with painting them and has done SEVERAL pairs since, but she has now gotten back to her original plan.
She writes: “I finally get to say “I do” on November 23, and I will be sure to share the pics from the day, but I was too excited not to share now. The wedding was originally scheduled in July of this year but I took a job that took me to London for the Olympics, so of course I had to paint a Team USA pair! I’ve included a pic of those as well.”
Lauren Team USA
I want to close by saying that it has been suggested I write shorter blogs, and I promise to start doing so next time, but I just couldn’t postpone showing any of these!
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