Sweet slice more at 72 dpi Big initial M Watermelon tourmaline crystalThis is the second version of a “watermelon handbag” I’ve worked on over the years. The first was a vintage metal-mesh silver bag that I tinted with Staz-On alcohol inks so that it would look like watermelon — well, like watermelon tourmaline — a type of crystal I’ve always loved.




The ink worked just fine on the metal, but I was never totally satisfied with this version of the watermelon bag, so when Destiny and I were experimenting with some new glitter colors and I noticed that the bright pink that she’d chosen and the green that I’d chosen were perfect watermelon colors, I had to use them together!

Sweet slice before at 72 dpiI dug around in our second-hand handbag stash and found one with a flap that was almost the perfect shape for a slice of watermelon.

I started by removing the strap and painting everything except the flap and the side panels with Neopaque Black. I painted the side panels with Metallic Olive. I sealed both those areas with Pledge Floor Finisher to give them shine. Then I sketched the lines of a watermelon slice on the flap and painted the green part of the rind  with Metallic Olive, the white part of the rind with Pearlescent White, and the lovely pink center part with Pearlescent Magenta.

Sweet slice-005 at 72 dpi

You can just make out the green of the side panel

These would form the undercoats for the three colors of Glitter It Glaze I would use. In case you haven’t worked with our Glitter It Glaze, you need to apply it over a similar color. It is not meant to be used to change the color of a surface, merely (hah!) to add sizzle and sparkle. (Sorry I forgot to take work-in-progress photos.)

Next I patted on the Glitter It Glaze. I custom mixed the pink and the green shades from the new glitter colors we were experimenting with (you can custom mix your own by buying just the Glitter It Glaze base from our store, then adding your own high-quality glitter — please use high-quality, though, otherwise the glitter can run, thus tinting the glaze and actually clouding the sparkle of the glitter itself.)

It took — as it usually does — two coats of Glitter It to make an even covering.

When I got done, I thought, This looks great, but there’s something missing. Aha! No seeds! I decided that the watermelon seeds should not just be painted on, but should be three dimensional.

Sweet slice-008 at 72 dpi So I painted a small scrap of leather with Neopaque Black and sealed it to make it glossy. Then I cut out a little template in the rough shape of a watermelon seed, traced the outline on the unpainted back of the leather scrap, and started cutting out little seed shapes.

Sweet slice more-004 at 72 dpi My final step was to glue them to the flap with Beacon 527, the glue we recommend for attaching leather to painted and glittered surfaces.

Sweet slice more at 72 dpi I am VERY pleased with how this bag — which I call Sweet Slice — turned out. And this presented me with a dilemma. Should I offer the bag for sale at the ETA conference later this month or keep it for myself? It’s fun to sell my creations, but it’s a little bit more fun to keep them. I’m still kicking myself for selling the fabulous (if I do say so myself) Mahjong shoulder bag I made last winter. What should I do? Got an opinion?

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