Big initial MOkay, we have now recovered from our wonderful trip to Costume College in Los Angeles, and it’s time to share photos of the imaginative shoes and bags that our talented followers have sent in since our last fans’ roundup.

Angela Steen own shoes 2

Here are some sandals that Angela painted in a pattern that’s a variation on crocodile scales. Love the coordinating toenail polish! Thought I’d put this photo first since it’s rare that I get photos of painted shoes actually being worn.

Kathy Guerts bags

This marvelous stamped shoulder bag (formerly solid black) comes from Kathy Guerts, a mixed-media artisan and teacher working mainly in textiles and jewelry at her Studio Amara in New South Wales, Australia.

Mary Ann Behrens modigliani bag

While we’re talking handbags, this one was done by Mary Ann, a member of the Haute Couture Societe in Central California. The image is copied from the painting “Bride & Groom” by Modigliani.

One more handbag, then we’ll get back to shoes.

Jean Gillette purse by Andy.bmp

Here’s Jean showing a black bag that she sponged lightly with gold Lumiere to go with the jacket she’s wearing. Jean (like Angela, whose sandals top this blog) is a member of Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild (in the San Jose, CA, area), a group I belong to — and which has been inspiring me for nearly seven years now!

Judi seip sandals Judi granddaughter Another member of this group is Judi, who not only sent me a pair of sandals that she color blocked, but some pink and silver shoes painted and embellished by Dana, her eight-year-old granddaughter. Judi writes, “Dana loves to paint — anything!  And she really got into the shoe decorating. I think this is just the start.”

Blue Willow Tea Boots 1

These charming boots (plus the boots and men’s shoes that follow) are the brainchildren of a very imaginative and talented costumer who calls herself Cherries Jubilee of Cherries’ Orchard. The pair above is called Blue Willow boots because they are painted to look like classic Blue Willow china.

C Mariahn Scarborough - Gothic Charm School

This one is from a pair called Gothic Charm School. She used vintage black lace to embellish the top and (patiently!) glued pink Swarovski crystals onto all the little black buttons.

Cmariahn back

Cmariahn front

When Cherries Jubilee sent in these pictures, she wrote, “I painted these for my partner to wear to the next Steampunk convention — I think men should have some foot fun, too.” These shoes were inspired by Nicola Tesla, who invented alternating current.  “He was directly responsible for the turbines that lighted New York in the 1890’s and was a very dapper character in New York society.  I created a fantasy logo for his electric company, too, and put it on the back of the shoes.”

Bronwyn's glittered Chucks-001

Now we come to the last section of this post, which might be called “What We Did at My HouseThis Summer.” The great glitzy-glittering hightops above were done by my daughter Bronwyn, who brought a pair of black Chucks with her when she came to visit for a week from Missouri. She glittered them with our Sassy Feet Glitter It Glaze in Sparkly Silver and Starlet, then asked me to machine-stitch a line of black topstitching thread down the center of each lace — a marvelous touch for this study in black and white.

Erin four summer sandals (5)

Last of all are four simple pairs of sandals that I painted at the request of Bronwyn’s other mom. The two pairs on the left are leather, the two on the right are fabric. The orange and blue ones were painted with Angelus leather paint, the black and pale violet sandals were done with the Neopaque (Black) and Lumiere (Halo Violet Gold) paints that we carry in our online store. The black sandals were also embellished with steampunky pewter buttons from Treasure Cast.

That’s it for now. Thank you to all the artisans above who shared their work with us. Feel free to send in photos of your own painted and embellished shoes to Destiny and I love seeing what you all are up to!

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