Margot at costume college

Big initial MWe thought you’d like a peek at some of the shoes created by the wonderfully creative souls who took our class at Costume College earlier this month.

First, though, I must confess that although we got some good shoe shots, we did not do a good job of getting people’s faces or names. We’re sorry! We were rather overwhelmed with doing a 3 hour class for 24 people — all brimming with energy and ideas — in the space of just 2 hours and 45 minutes — including complete clean up of the room. It was like sprinting instead of jogging!

So enjoy the shoes and forgive us, especially those of you who see your wonderful work here. (Feel free to comment below and take credit for your creations!)

Costume College class shoes at 72 dpi These transition-painted shoes were created by dabbing the color-transition area with a cosmetic wedge to blur the lines between Pearlescent Magenta, Pearlescent Violet and Pearlescent Turquoise. But the design didn’t stop there!

Costume College class shoes-001 at 72 dpi The lively young woman doing these shoes (and wearing a darling polka dot apron) added contrasting polka dots!

Costume College class shoes-002 at 72 dpi These shoes were done by someone who said she wouldn’t be able to “do” the class well, that she wasn’t at all creative…. Hah! This photo doesn’t do the colors she chose justice, they are much warmer and gleaming. We think she did a great job!

Costume College class shoes-005 at 72 dpi

Several of the students chose to do color blocking, where different areas of the shoe are painted in different colors. I love the colors she chose for this shoe — the browns are actually dappled in slightly different shades — you can see the cosmetic wedge she used to create this effect in the background.

Costume College class shoes-003 at 72 dpi

We thought these shoes turned out really well. They were black to start with and were simply painted with tiny triangles in a multitude of colors and clustered in different areas of the shoes and straps. “How did she get those triangles so perfect?” someone asked. The answer is, they aren’t perfect, not if you look really close. But you DON’T look closely at shoes — you see them from at least four feet away — and from even a little distance, they look pretty darn precise!

Costume College class shoes-004 at 72 dpi

Someone brought a billfold type wallet to paint — she used multiple colors and a cosmetic wedge.

Costume College class shoes-006 at 72 dpi

Rayna, who came with her grown son, Riley, chose to work on a handbag. It started out black, and was  painted Crimson on the front and back. Then it was sea-sponged on the sides and had fabric roses and velvet leaves glued on. Parts of the bag were left solid black for contrast.

I especially liked working with the woman who did this bag because when I suggested she add purple to her color mix, she tried it, didn’t like it, and went back to doing what she wanted to! Never take a suggestions just because the teacher makes it. Do what feels right to you, ESPECIALLY when it comes to color!  (By the way, Riley painted a pair of sneakers in several colors — different on each shoe. They turned out great!)

Now I’m going to hope that the folks who did these bags and shoes will comment and take credit. You can also send me photos of the pieces that didn’t get into this blog and I’ll post them next time! You know who you are….

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