Space boots before and after

DIn our last installment (for now) of Costume College creations, Margot and I bring you shoes from the future!  We wanted to tackle the sci-fi genre in one of our creations, and that made me think of the 1960’s — the golden age of futuristic, sci-fi “B movies” — with their metallic jump suits and boots, and 2155: A Space Accessory (a shoe/bag combo) was born!

Space bag before Space boot before

First, I prepped both the boot and the bag for painting. I decided to start by painting them an all-over silver, then see what other ideas that stirred up. I used Lumiere’s Metallic Silver. Since the boot was darker, it took three coats, but the bag only required two.

Space bag and boots silver

Next I decided that “in the future” it was completely acceptable to mix metallics, so got out a bottle of Sunset Gold. On the boot I used two coats of Sunset Gold on the cuff and down the back. The purse received two coats down both sides and across the bottom.

Space boot back angle Space boot back only

I thought the boot and the bag should have matching (a 1960’s thing) embellishments, so I dug through our mighty stash and found giant oversize shell buttons, rectangular metal beads faceted like gems, and Swarovski crystal moon-shaped beads.

Space embellishment Space swarovski

Margot kindly stiched the shell buttons in place on the boots and bag using Fireline and a leather needle. Then she glued each of the metal gems to the top center of each of the buttons with E6000. Then she stitched one of the Swarovski crystal moons to the lower center of each boot, and one to the top center of the bag.

Space bag and boots after

The result was an out-of-this-world pair of accessories… A blast from the past — well, future.

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