Flapper before and after @ 72 dpi

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Here’s the next installment of our adventures getting ready for Costume College 2012 in Woodland Hills, CA (set for August 4-5). Having done men’s shoes from the 1920s, we decided to do women’s shoes from that era as well.

Flapper before @ 72 dpi

This project was my baby so I started by looking through our collection of purchased and donated shoes for a style that would fit the era. This pair, a gift from Gabrielle, curator of the illustrious juried Wearable Expressions shows in Palos Verdes, CA, called out for flapper treatment. Some gold glitter maybe, and something jazzy and fancy hanging from the ankle strap?

Flapper with paint @ 72 dpi Flapper with glitter @ 72 dpi

I started by choosing  which areas I would do in gold. I prepared the surface for painting and applied an undercoat of one coat of Lumiere’s Metallic Gold. When that was dry, I patted on two coats of our Glitter It Glaze in Antique Gold, a lovely warm shade. When that was completely dry, I sealed the entire shoe with Pledge with Future, which gives the leather a good shine and keeps the glitter sparkly for a long, long time.

Flapper trim how to @ 72 dpi

Flapper tassel closeup @ 72 dpiNext I found some fabulous multicolored glass fringe (with a black satin ribbon binding) in our stash — we DO have an amazing stash! — and thought it would be great to use on the ankle straps. I also decided to make tassels by rolling a short piece of the fringe (in a slight spiral) and stitching it together at the top, where the satin ribbon was. Last touch? Stitch on a Swarovski 12mm Rivoli button in a color called Volcano.


Flapper toe closeup straight on @ 72 dpi I stitched the tassel to the shoe using a leather needle and dark-colored Fireline beading thread for extra strength.

Flapper from angle @ 72 dpi

I used Fabri-Tac glue to attach the satin ribbon binding the the leather ankle strap, turning under the raw ends a little bit to make it look neater. (Fabri-Tac is what we like to use when gluing fabric or fabric trim to unpainted leather.) I also stitched a Swarovski button at the center front of the ankle strap.

Flapper from top @ 72 dpi

One of the best thing about this shoe is that you get a lot of POW!! for not very much work!

Flapper side view @ 72 dpi


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