Painting our couch @ 72 dpi Big initial MA couple of months back, we found an old but stylish leather couch sitting outside our neighbors’ house with some other odd stuff. Turns out she was having an impromptu garage sale. We loved the couch, but it was a very worn and faded aqua. It cried out for… LEATHER PAINT!

Now that was an idea that got my creative energies excited! We bought the thing for $50, carried it across the street to our house, and inveigled Destiny into coming to a couch-painting party. After a fair amount of planning and three and a half hours of hands-on work, we had an amazing piece of new furniture on our hands!

The Lumiere paints (and amounts) we used were:

Here’s the story, in photos and captions.

Couch before @ 72 dpi

Before. We cleaned and prepped the surface by rubbing with rags damped with rubbing alcohol.

Couch sample painted skin @ 72 dpi I wanted to sponge the couch in rich warm colors that would work with our gold and dark red walls. We did a test piece with sea sponges and Lumiere on a small piece of hide.

Couch painting supplies @ 72 dpi

Couch foam roller @ 72 dpi


Here are the painting supplies we used. We chose a small compact-foam roller for applying the base coat — it went on quickly!

Couch rolling on copper early @ 72 dpi Rolling on Lumiere’s Copper paint.

Couch copper @ 72 dpi After one coat of copper paint. It didn’t cover the aqua completely, but since we were going to do three layers of sponging, this was good enough.

George foreman sponge @ 72 dpi We decided to use a synthetic sponge made for cleaning George Foreman Grills instead of the sea sponges we used on the sample piece. These would give us finer detail and wouldn’t go soft from all the paint we would need to use. (Destiny blogged about using this cool tool recently.)

Couch sponge painting rust @ 72 dpi

Sponging on Metallic Rust paint. This is when we noticed that the ridges in the sponge were making lines of sponged paint.

Couch sponge getting trimmed @ 72 dpi Off with the ridges!

Couch copper and rust @ 72 dpi

After the base coat of Copper and sponging with Metallic Rust.

Couch sponging on paint 2 @ 72 dpi

Sponging on the Crimson paint.

Couch copper rust red @ 72 dpi

After adding the layer of Crimson. By the way, the rolled-on layer of Copper took only about 10 minutes to dry before we could paint another layer. The sponged layers took longer — maybe 15-20 minutes, since some of the paint ends up in thick little blobs that need more time to dry.

Couch adding halo pink gold @ 72 dpi

Adding the final layer! It’s called Halo Pink Gold.

Couch closeup of pattern @ 72 dpi

Close up of the finished pattern.

Couch after with furniture @ 72 dpi

Our new painted leather couch! We didn’t seal the paint with Pledge with Future, as we do on shoes and bags, because we didn’t want to make the surface any shinier. Also, with a sponged pattern like this, touch ups are invisible.

Couch with destiny @ 72 dpi

Happy couch painter enjoying the fruits of her labor!

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