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Margaret on Squidoo AFTER


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One of our Sassy Feet fans just wrote a fascinating piece for Squidoo about transforming a pair of plain Jane beige sandals. She had some adventures along the way — and invented what sounds like a very useful technique for stenciling on leather, which can be a challenge since leather doesn’t grab the paint applied through a stencil, like fabric and paper do.

Also, Margaret’s piece — on Squidoo it’s called a “lens” — won the coveted Purple Star Award and was chosen yesterday from millions of other lenses as the “Lens of the Day.”

Check it out (and do check the prices in our online store before buying from the amazon links in the article — Destiny and I are much more fun to buy from, plus we’ll answer all your shoe-painting questions). And congratulations, Margaret, it’s a great “lens”!

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