Big initial MHer name is Ellen, and she’s a hoot! She also LOVES hightops. So it was a no-brainer for Destiny and I to decide to create some custom hightops for her.

Ellen in her blueWe knew she loved blue, so we went to her site to see exactly what shade of blue we should use. I figured it would be the blue of her amazing eyes. As it turned out, her Ellen’s true blue is more like bluebird. We decided to do a shoe that used both shades. We would glitter the body of the shoe with our Ultramarine Glitter It glaze, then we’d embellish the toe using Swarovski crystals in “Ellen’s blue.”

Destiny went online and searched until she found Ellen’s shoe size (it’s an 8.5), then we ordered a pair of Converse hightops in a royal blue. Since they would already be blue, we could apply the Glitter It glaze directly onto the shoe and not have to paint the shoe blue beforehand.

Ellen before @ 72 dpiI did the glittering, then we turned our attention to doing the toe. The catch about painting or embellishing the rubber toes of hightops is that paint peels off and gluing small things to them is iffy. However, we discovered awhile back that we could successfully glue fabric to the toe. So now we cut out fabric to fit each toe, embellish or paint it, then glue the piece over the toe with Flip Flop Glue. (For step-by-step info on how to do this, see our post entitled “No More Big White Sneaker Toes.” )

Ellentoe  3 inches @ 72 dpiIn this case, we used white Ultrasuede (the real stuff — we figured Ellen was worth it!) as the toe covering and size SS20 Swarovski flatback crystals in a color called Blue Zircon. The only challenge in buying the crystals was finding a site that wouldn’t charge us a huge shipping fee for them. We lucked out with, which shipped them to us at a low first class rate.

We played around with the idea of doing something special with the shoe laces — painting them or doing fancy machine-stitching on them, but decided that it would make them too fussy for Ellen. That left just the round Converse logo over the ankle to deal with.

Ellen_signature_blueDestiny thought we should paint over it with the “E” that Ellen uses in her signature. She cut out circles of Ultrasuede, glittered the background with Sparkly Silver Glitter It glaze, then “painted” on an “E” using a toothpick and the Ultramarine Glitter It we’d used for the body of the shoe. (See her post called “Couture Kids” for details on how — and why –to paint with toothpicks.) I glued the circles over the Converse logo, let them dry and tested them by trying to pull them off.

EllenE  3 inches @ 72 dpiThey peeled right off,even though we’d used Flip Flop glue, as we did on the toes! I guess those logos are made of a different material…. We finally decided to try cleaning the printing off the logo using 100% acetone and painting directly on the surface. We tested how well our Glitter It glaze would stick and it seemed surprisingly stable. Destiny went to work with her two shades of glitter, a fan brush, and toothpicks.

EspeciallyellenSM-jpg That was it! Ellen’s hightops will be shipped out this week, and let’s hope the folks who open her mail will let her actually see them. Who knows, they might even make a special guest appearance on her show!

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