6a010536e1ea81970c014e8aeab046970d.jpg[1] Margot and I taught a class recently to the 32 incredibly creative people at the Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild in Campbell, CA. “Wearable Art” is one-of-a-kind artistically created or embellished (sewn, painted, woven, beaded, embroidered, appliqued, dyed, sculpted — you name it!) clothing, jewelry, hats, shoes and handbags.  There are nearly 200 members who meet monthly to show their creations and learn new techniques.


One of those members — and the only man who took our class — is Philip Gust, who is the editor of the online magazine The Virtual Costumer, and a talented costumer himself. Phil got everyone organized at the end of the class and took photos of the finished products. Thank you so much, Phil! What a huge help that was.  Margot and I were essential headless chickens running about come tear-down time.

Here is a gallery of shoes and bags people painted and embellished that day — in a mere three-hour class! In gratitude to  Phil, we’ll start off with his opal-painted Steve Madden loafers. He even thought to take a before picture of them! (Alas, I am not sure which artist created which of the other shoes– sorry!)

001 002


004 005



I could only post a few, but feel free to browse the full web album! The afternoon was a whirlwind of creativity.  And, even though Margot and I both were dead (wo)men walking by the end of the day, the students made it an amazing experience! You guys ROCK!

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