Big initial M We did it! Destiny and I have sent the all-new second edition of Sassy Feet! to the printer! The books will be available on or before Sept. 30 — we’ll post a link to the store when it’s there!

Here are the front and back covers, which Destiny designed.




We are so excited we can’t stand it! Destiny shot great new photos of all the shoes and purses and together we redesigned the interior of the book. It’s got all sorts of updated and additional information, plus this edition includes handbags. (Below is Destiny’s Tyger, Tyger.)

Tyger tyger

Here are the official stats (come on, if it was a baby, we’d tell you the length and weight!):

141,716    Kilobytes in word processing file 26,746      Words 193           Photos 69             Shoe designs 12             Handbag designs 8               Chapters 6               Years creating shoes and purses 2               Gorgeous covers 2               Tired authors 1               Fabulously SASSY book!

The last thing I want to say about our wonderful new book is that it’s OUR wonderful new book. I wrote the first edition three and a half years ago by myself, and it’s been a real pleasure to have Destiny as my co-author on this edition! Her creativity and talent are non-stop!!

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