Big initial M I continue to be astonished and delighted by the photos of shoes that you send me! Such imagination, such great ideas and color combinations! I want to show you several of them today.

Mary poole clogs for exciter pack @ 72 dpi First is a pair of clogs that Mary from Texas painted for a friend who is a quilter. These are the first pair of shoes she’s painted and she did them with the colors from a Lumiere Exciter Pack. All I can say is WOW!

Laurel Carlisle boots @ 72 dpi Midnight ruffles after @ 72 dpi Next come a couple of creations from Laurel, who took a class from me at ARTS Obispo, a wonderful organization in nearby (to me) San Luis Obispo, CA. Above are a pair of booties she began in class and later finished at home. The color of paint she used is Pearlescent Violet. Coincidentally, Laurel’s booties were identical to a pair that Destiny and I had just finished embellishing (at right). It was great to see Laurel’s photos and see how she’d worked with the design. Interesting that all three of us were inspired to hang an embellishment from the underside of the bootie’s cuff.

Laurel carlisle-jude gone wild @ 72 dpi

Laurel carlisle-jude gone wild back beads @ 72 dpi A few months later, Laurel created a purse for an ARTS Obispo fundraiser — using a shoe as the base. She sent me an email describing what she did: “I made my wristlet purse by sewing and embellishing the top of the purse with beads and sequins. With the magic of adhesives, I sewed and glued fabric to shoe. The green lace ruffle is custom-made using netting, re-purposed net (for the great lime color), sequins and beads.  The bag has a self-fabric wristband and closes with a zipper.”

Taylor Torres wallet Some people don’t even have to take a Sassy Feet class, they can just have their grandmother attend, borrow her paints and use their abundant natural talent. This wallet is by Taylor T., a teenager from California’s Central Valley. She painted it while she was on vacation at the beach, a very accurate view of which is pictured on the wallet.

Adrienne Smith @ 72 dpi This sweet pair of flats was done by Adrienne, who obviously has a talent for working small, since she was able to paint eight stripes of Lumiere on each of the straps crisscrossing these peeptoe flats!

Mary Wood single @ 72 dpi Last of all come sandals from Mary W. of San Luis Obispo, who also took my class last summer at ARTS Obispo. She had a wedding to attend and was planning to wear a gray-and-white print dress. She painted her sandals in Pearlescent White and Pewter, and has included a sample of the dress fabric in the background. (And yes, this IS a color photo.)

Thanks to all who sent in photos — it’s wonderful to share your creativity with our hundreds of blog readers!

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