D Ten-hut! Fall in! Margot and I have been working our typing (and shutter-pressing) fingers to the bone completely revamping, updating and sassifying a new edition of the Sassy Feet! book.

In an attempt to get as much done collaboratively as we could, I grabbed my bedroll and made camp at Margot’s for four days. We worked sun-up(ish) to sundown writing descriptions, shooting new photos, and designing graphics and pages. It became an intensive book writing weekend, lovingly named “Sassy Feet Bootcamp.” Unlike military bootcamp, we didn’t run miles or do calisthenics (especially not in stilettos), but by the end we were so exhausted we might as well have!

Here are a few photos of our sweat-inducing weekend to get you psyched for the new book, which will be in our online store October 1st.


Assembling all our handbags and shoes to shoot for the book! Four big bins!!

Mouse helping with Sassy Feet photos

Mouse messing around in our portable lighting studio, “helping” me (the photographer) and Margot (the photographer’s go-fer) with the photo shoot.

Turquoise-greekgoddes 72 dpi Photo from our new “Same Shoes, Different Design” chapter.

Bookbefore Bookafter


Before (left) and after shots of the page design.

I hope you are as excited as we are! We cannot wait to get this new edition in our hot little hands.

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