Big initial M A couple of years ago I figured out how to mix a leather and fabric paint to which you could add glitter. The best thing was (and is) that when our Glitter It! paint dries, all the gorgeous sparkly bits stay put! They twinkle on your shoes or purse and won’t shed all over your carpet, your clothes, your cat, and everything else you come in contact with.

Wicked poster Glinda I have been waiting for the world to discover this amazing product — and now it’s started to happen! We got an order for Glitter It! recently from the wardrobe department of the national tour of Wicked! I emailed with the wardrobe pro and learned that she had been looking everywhere for a way to renew the sparkle on Good Witch of the North Glinda’s shoes! She ordered Petal Pink and Pale Gold. Our Glitter It! in a major Broadway show? How cool is that??

We also got some great press recently for our glitter paint. Altered Couture magazine featured Glitter It! as one of their “Editor’s Faves.” I’m so proud, I know you’ll forgive me for including their entire review here. Check it out!

AC May-June 2011 Glitter It plug ONLY New glitter palette resized Last, but way not least, Destiny and I decided to add a new color to our palette of Glitter It! shades. We had been wanting to have a brown tone, so we decided on a color called Cognac. Here’s what it looks like on a shoe, applied over a coat of Metallic Rust Lumiere paint.

Cognac glitter shoe resized

Pretty gorgeous, huh? Especially on the cut and style of this heel. If you want to try glittering a pair of shoes or a purse, remember that you need to apply Glitter It! over a similiar color because some of the background color will show through the glitter. If you need to paint your shoe or purse first, we have a chart on the bottom of the Glitter It! order page that shows which color of Lumiere paint we recommend as an undercoat for each of our 20 shades of glitter. (And, when we ship your your paint and Glitter It!, we include brief step-by-step instructions for applying the paint and glitter paint.)

If you haven’t tried it, it’s time to add some sparkle to your life! Maybe Cognac is for you. Or (clockwise from top left) Fuchsia, Sizzling Orange, Starlet (a silvery holographic glitter), Antique Gold, Ruby Slippers or Petal Pink. Yes, I’m bragging — but I think I’m due!

Glitter shoe collage

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