Are_these_too_flashy__by_killbot_beauty-d2suke6[1]   DWhat a busy week it has been! Margot and I are gearing up for our great trip north. We will be peddling our wonderful wares and watching amazing wearables stride down the runway at the Peninsula Wearable Art Guild (PenWAG)’s Fashion Show.

Highligted felt sweater purseWe will be bringing an array of items — both the expected and the unexpected! Of course we’ll have hand-painted, embellished shoes (like my Vintage Tattoo Shoes, above) and purses (like Margot’s felted purse, formerly a Laura Ashley sweater, at left).

Margot will also bring shoe-embellishment kits, button-stacked embellishments, and some shoe-painting starter kits. I’ll have hand-painted t-shirts for women and kids (at right), as well as the latest fruits of my oddball creative genius: Sock Creatures! DSC05101

“Sock Creatures?!” you say. “What the heck are are Sock Creatures??” Well, I work at a library, and one day I discovered a book called Stray Sock Sewing that had loads of adorable pictures of plush critters made from socks. And I thought, “OMG! How cute are these? I can do this!” So, I checked out the book and tried one of the simple step-by-step projects.

DSC05133The only hurdle was that I know next to nothing about sewing, but luckily, my tattooed and pierced significant other, Jim, is an excellent seamstress. After a few lessons from him, I got the hang of it. I started with a kitty, and the results were adorable!

It was sort like making reverse wearable art. (That is, take something wearable and make it… not wearable. Wait, did I just invent something here?!?)

Next I made a little dog, a pig, a zebra, and a Sock Ness Monster. Everytime I thought up a new critter, I made it. Pretty soon my house began to look like a zoo inhabited by very soft, very colorful and very cheerful little creatures.


Mookah I got so personally involved with my critters, I decided they each needed a name and — if I were to part with any of them — formal adoption papers.

Destiny adoption card

Yes, I admit I am powerless over Sock Creatures. They have taken over my life. Not to mention my living room, where I stitch them. Maybe if you’re at the fashion show Saturday — and you look like a very, very nice person — I’ll let you take one home.

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