Big initial M Destiny and I had a delightful time last Saturday at the PenWAG fashion show — great clothes, great people, great energy! Thank you to eveyone involved!

Carmen miranda sandals before @72dpi One of the pairs of shoes that we brought to the show is headed to Altered Couture magazine as a submission for their June 15 challenge, “Ruffles and Rosettes.”  Now, as you’ll see below, these shoes don’t — strictly speaking — use rosettes, but the wired roses I put on them could easily be flattened into rosette shapes. (I’ll let you know if the Altered Couture editor agrees!)

I started with a nice little pair of black silk platform sandals by Chinese Laundry. Then I got out my collection of rolled roses, which I’d made last summer for a blog post called The Last Blooms of Summer. (For directions on how to make these, click on the link to that post.)

Six rolled roses @ 72dpi

I had the idea that I wanted to put GREAT BIG flowers on these saucy little sandals, and I asked Destiny for her opinion. We agreed on where to position the roses, and I stitched them down with doubled black upholstery thread. The roses are very lightweight, so it only took a couple of stitches to secure each one, which means they can be removed without any noticeable damage to the fabric surface.

Carmen miranda sandals after @72dpi

Then we decided that the second shoe should use the colors in different places.

Carmen miranda sandals pair after @72dpi

I took a couple of shots of so you could see the effect from different angles. Destiny and I named these our Carmen Miranda Sandals.

Carmen miranda sandals pair 2 after @72dpi

As I mentioned earlier, one of the nice things about making rolled roses with wired ombre ribbon is that you can mash the flower around and it will hold whatever shape you mash it into. Then if you want it to look fresh again, just tug on the wire until the “petals” stand up.

If you haven’t seen my earlier post on how to make these and where to buy the ribbon inexpensively, check it out. It’s very simple, and these roses look great worn on hats and blouses, made into pins — and tacked onto shoes!

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