Big initial M Blahnik princess The British are revving up for the royal pomp and ceremony of the marriage next month of Prince William to the common but extraordinary Kate Middleton. To get in on the P.R. action, Footwear News asked five top shoe designers to suggest shoes for the bride to wear.

You can see the creations by Manolo Blahnik (at right), Giuseppe Zanotti and others by clicking here, then choosing the IMAGES tab or launching the slide show. In the accompanying article, each designer explains what they did and why. Of the shoe pictured here, an ivory silk pump with organza lilies of the valley and pearls, Manolo says, “It represents springtime and everything fresh and new, which is what Kate Middleton is all about.”

This is all well and good, but poor Kate is going to have ACHING arches before the day is one-quarter through. Destiny and I have some alternate suggestions for the bride!

Cinderella dream First is Destiny’s Cinderella Dreams, a lovely little off-white flat juiced up with lace, Swarovski crystals, dabs of Metallic Gold Lumiere paint, and a whopper of a gold-and-rhinestone embellishment. If we were trying to be relevant (and pretentious) we would say that the shape of the lace echoes the arched windows in Westminster Abbey, if you looked at them standing on your head…. I guess that was a stretch, but other than being beautiful, these shoes would keep a smile on Kate’s face through her long, long, long day.

Gold standard closeup My candidate for Kate is an adaptation of a famous Salvatore Ferragamo design. This mid-heel shoe started out black. I painted it Metallic Gold, then draped it with gold chain, including a lovely angled waterfall of chain around the front of the ankle strap.

Gold standard after It was something of an engineering challenge to create that waterfall, but I LOVE the results. It’s called Gold Standard.

Golden glitter Last of all — and returning to the somewhat painful realm of high heels — let us suggest our Pale Gold glittered platform heel dripping with gold crystals. It is truly fit for a princess — because it took HOURS of painstaking, unpaid labor (mine) to stitch on the crystal mesh! If any of you want to recommend these fabulous shoes to Kate, just email her the URL of this post and tell her she ought to order by April 10, for an April 29 wedding!

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