D AC Feb-Apr 2011 Cover resizedOne of my favorite proud-moments is seeing Margot’s and my name in print.  Before Sassy Feet!, the only time in my life I had ever seen my name in print publicly was in third grade when my grandmother wrote a very sweet (but extremely embarrassing) article called “Keep An Eye on Destiny” that was printed in the local newspaper.  But to be able to walk in to any Borders or Barnes & Noble, head to the periodicals section, pick up an issue of Altered Couture magazine, and see our shoes and how-to articles in its pages is still as exhilarating today as it was the very first time. It’s almost surreal!

Our lux creation of embellished, dark red ankle booties, “Ruffles at Midnight,” scored us another article (and that sense of excitement) in the Spring 2011 issue. 

Ruffles at Midnight before - side view Since these shoes were already in great condition and a wonderful intense and sexy red, Margot and I elected NOT to repaint them.  All the better to embellish you, my dear! So, we went “shopping” in Margot’s extensively awesome stash and scored ourselves black swirled soutache braid, a length of cascading stretchy black ruffles, and embellishments we made ourselves from two big black vintage buttons, two hand-hammered copper rings, two white flower-shaped vintage buttons, and two Italian silver swirling buttons.

We started by measuring two lengths of soutache braid and, using Fabri-Tac, we glued it around the cuff of each boot, starting from the zipper and clamping it as we glued. We also used Fabri-Tac to glue the upper edge of the ruffled fabric (it’s actually sold for sewing tube tops) to the underside of the cuff. We glued down the edge of the ruffles at the zipper, too, so they wouldn’t get caught in the zip.

Midnight ruffles closeup The last thing we needed was something that drew your eye and went “KAPOW” – a focal point.  Margot used an oversize black button as a base, then attached the copper rings using E-6000. Two white buttons were glued on top, lining up the holes of the white and black buttons. Then she threaded a quadruple-length of Fireline through the button holes to use in attaching the embellishment.

Why? Because once she’d glued down the final swirly silver button, those handy little holes wouldn’t be useable. Before gluing the top button, Margot gleefully lopped off their shanks using her big metal shears. Then she used E6000 to glue them down.

Once everything had been clamped, set-up and cured (at least 24 hours) we stitched our hand-stacked embellishment to the cuff, slightly off center from the side seam. Not everything can be symmetrical.

What stunning results — if we do say so ourselves… — and without a lick of paint.  We’re pleased Altered Couture agreed!

Midnight ruffles after


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