6a010536e1ea81970c01348912ee56970c.jpg[1] Margot and I both like to test, adventure, and expand what we do artistically (especially with DIY artisan projects).  Margot was the one who realized one day that women’s OTHER favorite accessory, the purse, is made from the exact same materials as shoes, thus opening up purses to the same sort of fabulous things we’d been doing to shoes! This was a most excellent revelation.

Not only do the Lumiere paints we use on shoes work wonderfully on leather and manmade leather, but fabric as well. To mean, this means T-shirts! I have taken it upon myself to explore this fully, and I want to share some of the results.

Here’s is a cityscape relief using our Glitter It! paint in Shamrock. (I blocked out the buildings using masking tape.) I did the wording in Metallic Olive Green using a toothpick.


Here’s a fun flourish I put on the front of a T using several different Lumiere colors with Glitter It! paint:


 This one is a mendhi-inspired design in Pewter (which was slightly affected by the camera flash so it looks almost glittery):


 A chubby swallow flies through cherry blossoms down the front of this V-necked T:


And finally, a splattered Pearlescent Turquoise and Super Copper design with Neopaque Black filigree flowers:


Painting T-shirts requires a little more paint than painting on leather as the cloth absorbs some of the paint, which real and faux leather do not. But there’s no prep work needed and just a 2-3 minute ironing (with the shirt turned inside-out) will “seal the deal,” so to speak.

SUPER-HELPFUL DIY HINT: Painting or stenciling on clothes is the perfect way to cover up stains that refuse to be washed out! DItto those annoying bleach marks that come from out of nowhere to land on your favorite clothes! Coppered_Turquoise_with_Vines_by_Killbot_Beauty[1]
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