Big initial M By rights, this should be Destiny’s post, since she did most of the work on this project, but I thought I’d surprise her by writing it for her. Several months ago the folks at Jacquard Products, who make the Lumiere paint we love to use, asked us if we’d like to be part of a Christmas project for their website. They were asking several textile artists to create (and paint, of course) fabric Christmas stockings.

Christmas boot before @ 72dpi They asked Destiny and me if we’d like to do a Christmas stocking from an actual boot. Heck yes, we said, then went rummaging around in our spare-shoe-and-boot stash for a good “before” candidate. We found a boot with a nice curving shape and some lines that would lend themselves to color blocking.

Destiny came up the with idea for painting a “Night Before Christmas” scene and I suggested we have dangly lace at the top, use flatback crystals for stars dotting the night sky, and add a suble swathe of Glitter It! paint behind Santa’s sleigh.

Here’s the result, and here’s a link to the Jacquard site where you can read all about how we did it and print out a pdf of the instructions, too.  Great job, Destiny!!!

Jacquard Christmas boot after @ 72dpi

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