Big initial M I’ve been accumulating photos of some cool shoes that our readers have created, and, since one of them was for a Halloween costume, this seemed like the perfect day to show them. (Note: I started writing this Halloween night, but by the time I finished, it was past midnight — so it got a November dateline. So much for perfect timing….)

Beth before @ 72dpi Beth, who made her first appearance on our blog awhile back in a column by Destiny, sat down with her neighbor to help her create shoes to go with her costume. Her friend was going as a good luck charm and Beth did her proud.

They used Lumiere gold (looks like True Gold to me, but maybe Beth will comment and tell us for sure) and what looks like Pearlescent Emerald. The four-leaf clovers are outlined in our Antique Gold glitter paint.

Beth after @ 72dpi Destiny (who gave Beth her first and only shoe-painting lesson) was especially proud of the heels Beth painted: Green and gold pinstripes with green flat-back Swarovski crystals glued on. One of the great things about heels is that unlike the toe of a shoe, heels don’t have to flex and bend. That means you can glue embellishments onto them without worrying that they are going to pop off when you walk.

Beth after heel @ 72dpi Lovely job, Beth! By the way, these photos were shot with a cell phone, so if that’s all you’ve got as a camera, you can still send us photos of your creations.

I met Lucy last year through some mutual friends and she took to shoe painting like a cat to cream. Here are some sandals she did in Pearlscent Turquoise for her granddaughter, Margaret. I think they’re adorable!

Lucy-Margaret little shoes @ 72dpi Sandy before @ 72dpiNext are the latest from Sandy, whose work has appeared here several times. She started with a pair of unadorned peach-colored wedges and gave them an under-the-sea look using Pearlescent Blue and Pearlescent Turquoise.

Don’t know if the colors inspired the choice of embellishment or vice versa, but Sandy writes that she found this great turquoise/bluish/greenish confetti fringe at (I’ve seen it elsewhere, too.)

Sandy after pair @ 72dpi Before gluing down the fringe, Sandy hand-stitched beads to it. She also added crystals to the heels, and (as you can just make out from the photos) she glittered the wedge and ankle strap in Powder Blue with an undercoat of Pearlescent Turquoise. Lovely shoes!

Sandy after heels @ 72dpi Julie Neff before @ 72dpi The last shoes in today’s post come from Julie, who shared her leopard-painted Ecco comfy shoes with us last June. Julie ordered paint and glitter and asked for quick shipping so she could make ruby slippers for a friend who was going to (where else?) Kansas. Great idea!

Here are the before shoes, which Julie said were the only thing that gave her problems. Her friend wanted to use these, but they were fairly old, maybe 10-15 years, and of manmade materials.

Julie wrote, “The first wipe-down with acetone took off quite a bit of the original taupe color finish — and caused a lot of the rest to turn into powder on the surface. I ended up scrubbing everything down with more acetone and basically stripped all the taupe color from the shoes before I started with the Crimson undercoat.”

After that it was clear sailing. She applied the Crimson Lumiere, then Really Red glitter paint. Last of all, she attached a bow topped with a decorative button to the diagonal strap.

Julie neff after @ 72dpi She definitely updated the original Ruby Slipper look! This one is much classier — and it did get done in time for that trip to Kansas.

Thanks, everyone, for sending in your photos — and for remembering to take “before” shots. It’s really fun to see the transformation from sows’ ears to silk purses.

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