D In October, Pat Oakstar, a member of PenWAG (Peninsula Wearable Art Guild) talked to Margot about commissioning Sassy Feet! to create a pair of custom boots. She wanted a wild, Pat's boots before pair sassy design, but wasn’t sure she could do it herself, so she handed over her tan Sketchers boots to Margot for a transformation.

Margot asked her what colors she loved, and she said red, pink and purple. Then, since I enjoy bold and unconventional, Margot entrusted the mission to me. “Go crazy, she’ll love what you come up with,” she directed me. Crazy? Oh, I can go crazy!

Since these boots are manmade leather, I used a cotton ball with a bit of acetone and prepped the surface (Use rubbing alcohol for real leather surfaces.) I applied two coats of Grape with a soft fan brush, allowing each coat to dry.

Dsc03192 Then I used a round brush to paint the Pearlescent Magenta and Crimson daisy-eque petals. Both colors took two or three coats to be opaque. With a fine tip round brush, I used Pearescent White to make the little accent flowers.

At this point, we sent a photo of the boots (at left) to Pat — and she said, “Make them more outrageous!”

So… I added large pointed petals in between the daisy petals, using the same colors. Then I took a fine tip round brush to add Pearlescent Magenta and White accents to all the large petals as well as all the Sunset Gold centers.

The next and last step was the painstaking process that I seem to love to do so often, painting with a toothpick!  I connected all the flowers with a Citrine vine that serpentined its way around the boot.

I love the way these turned out.  I also love a woman who isn’t afraid to be brash and bold. Kudos, Pat, on your choice of colors and design. More (flower) power to you!

Pat's boots after


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