Big initial M It’s been a busy time since I got back from vacation and I want to apologize for missing doing a post last week! Destiny and I were preparing for and displaying our shoes at a local craft show, which took a lot more time than we expected.

We had a great time, though, introducing the art of DIY shoe design to all sorts of interested people — including a hip young Frenchman who raved about a pair of canvas slip-ons that I’d collaged with fabrics from a quilt-shop charm pack! You never know….

Today I want to show you pictures of shoes done by a recent class and a couple other folks who sent along photographs and talked about what they created. First, here are two shots of shoes that were painted by a very talented group of women in Arts Obispo‘s Wardrobe Revamp series of classes, which focuses on doing more with the clothes (and shoes!) you already have.

Arts Obispo overall 2
Arts Obispo overall 1

I always enjoy seeing what my students do when I turn them loose with my big bottles of Lumiere paint. They have 27 colors to choose from and usually several people come up with color combinations that hadn’t occurred to me. For more photos from the class, especially of people painting their shoes, click here. And many thanks to class coordinator and fine artist Julie Frankel for sharing these photos.


IMG_1210 I got a nice email the other day from Adrienne, who was in my American Sewing Guild class in May. She and her sister, Barbara, got together to paint some wonderfully colorful shoes for Adrienne’s grandaughter. Barbara used painter’s tape to mask off each area as she went along. Also, she said she copied the flower on the toe from a picture in a magazine. She said it was easy to do — “it just takes a little thinking,” she added.

Let me add that if you do mask off parts of your shoe for painting, be sure the paint that’s already laid down is thoroughly dry. Lumiere paints will dry in 10-15 minutes, but they continue to cure over the course of the next two or three days. If you want to apply masking tape over a painted area, try to wait longer than 15 minutes — or be VERY careful when you pull the tape off. You don’t want the newly dry paint to come with it!

Katie KatieShoes Deb Cashatt of Pixeladies, whose “Magnetic Attraction” shoes I wrote about last month, sent photos of her 5-year-old granddaughter, Katie, painting shoes. “Next time she comes over,” Deb wrote, “we might have to add crystals or something… At 5 she is quite the fashionista.”

Christian's purse diagram One of the many things Deb and her business parter, Kris Sazaki, do is create patterns for purses. It seems little Katie’s brother has been inspired by their creative efforts. Christian, who’s 7, drew Deb a diagram and list of supplies for what he thought should be the next purse in their series. Deb sent me a copy. Here it is, in all its charming detail. (I’m not sure where the “20 buttens” are supposed to go, but I’m glad I’m not the one who’s going to have to sew them on….)

Hurrah for these two designers of the future!

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