Big initial M Diva couture rear NEW-1 - 72 dpi Before I tell you about my recent adventure in painting and embellishing a pair of Teva flip flops, I want to brag about Destiny! Her article about Diva Couture, her painted, glittered and embellished heels, is not only in the August issue of Altered Couture, it’s the lead article under the heading “See What’s Inside” on their web page about the current issue. Check it out! And congratulations, Destiny!

Now, about those flip flops. I LOVE to wear flip flops and if I had my way, I’d wear nothing else. In fact, on our vacation last week that’s exactly what I did. I packed my glittered wedge flip flops and wore them to walk on the beach, of course, and to see an Impressionist exhibit at an art museum in San Francisco. I went out to dinner in them at a white-linen-tablecloth restaurant, and wore them to eat fabulous burgers at a brew pub tucked into a mountain valley.

Why are they go-anywhere? Because they are glittered and embellished. Also, their slight wedge makes them more than vagabond footwear.

Here’s what my flip flops looked like before I got to work on them.

Go-anywhere flip flops before

I got these for $10 from Decker’s, a shoe outlet in Ventura, CA, for Ugg boots, Teva sandals, and Simple sneakers. (They don’t have a website, but if you Google “Deckers Ventura” you’ll find info and maps.) I had been wanting to try glittering a pair of sandals for a while, and since these had fabric straps, not rubber, jelly or vinyl ones, they were perfect for my needs. You can find similar sandals online; they’re called Teva Mandalyn Wedges, and here’s the link to them at

Go-anywhere flip flops after

I started by painting the straps solid black, using Neopaque Black. Then I added a couple coats of our Glitter It! paint in a color called Starlet. Just doing this much is a perfect project for beginners. Frankly, it takes zero talent! Just brush on the paint, then dab on the glitter paint.

Go-anywhere flip flops after detail Next I added an embellishment over the thong. I started with some decorative plastic disks I’d picked up in a salvage store. They were pale pink originally. I painted them a glossy black with spray paint that’s formulated to stick to plastic (ask at your hardware store). Then I searched through my button stash from something to create a centerpiece. I settled on some Italian buttons with a spiral motif and a finish that looks like oxidized silver.

I stitched on the embellishments using an ordinary sewing needle and some smoke-colored FireLine thread, which is ultra-strong. And that was that! These are some of the easiest shoes I’ve ever done — and they go… ANYWHERE! (Can you tell I am a teeny tiny bit pleased with myself?)

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