6a010536e1ea81970c0134851eb502970c.jpg[1] Margot and I have covered a lot of miles since the inception of Sassy Feet! (She much more than I) traveling to various cities around California teaching classes and peddling our craft.  This time last year we were gearing up for a local craft show at the San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza, hosted by the Women’s Community Center of SLO County, called Day With Creative Women, and we were dutifully crafting a selection of embellished purses to sell in our booth.  Creative Women is an event where female crafters, artists, and vendors get together in one spot to showcase and sell their wares.

Tyger Tyger beforeDuring our pre-show creative madness, Margot had a large purse selection set out so we could choose which caught our fancy and let loose designing them.  Amongst them sat a cute, purple, wallet-like clutch with a heavy brass ring. I liked the way it had these diagonal stitches that resembled sun rays.  The fact that it was already purple, and in really good shape, made me sigh with a bit of relief because I could choose not to paint the whole purse first.

I decided to use ol’ reliably-fabulous color-blocking, but with a twist – animal print!  I used Lumiere’s brass to paint the inside of the two diagonally stitched sections.  After the brassy coat dried, I used a thin script brush (The smallest in our brush kit)  and Neopaque black to paint “tiger stripes” diagonally the other direction. The final touches were to clamp on a dichroic glass embellishment using a small dollop of E6000 to adhere it and brush on a coat of Future Floor Wax to seal the painted pattern. Simple, yet effective!

A couple DIY Tips When using E6000: – Keep the embellishment clamped a full 24 hours to let the epoxy setup. – Don’t try to apply the epoxy directly to your item.  The tube’s opening is not fine-work friendly and it will get all over everything.  Instead, drop your dollop onto something else, like scrap paper, paper plate, or silicone craft mat (if you have one), and use a toothpick to apply the epoxy.


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