Big initial M Painting cage boot at ASG at 72 dpi This post is a few days late because I was recovering from a very exciting teaching trip to the Sacramento area. It was my first opportunity to teach members of an ASG (American Sewing Guild) group — in this case the ASG Gold Country Chapter — and let me tell you, these folks are hugely creative!

We had nineteen people, including their super-helpful special events chair, Jenny Lyon, who started small by glittering her Blackberry case with Starlet Glitter It paint, and before we knew it, she was painting a large purse Citrine! The range of people was great, from a young, hip 20-something woman to a pair of sisters in their late sixties. I even had my first male student.

I wanted to show you some shots from the day we spent togetherPainting booties at ASG at 72 dpi. Above right is Deborah painting a pair of “cage” boots. She finished them off with a ribbon fan encircling an ombre wired rose.

One of the things that interests me most when I’m teaching a class is to see the color combinations my students pick. Often they are something I wouldn’t have thought of myself, but they look great! The booties that Carol (at left) is doing are a good example.

I bring 25 colors of Lumiere with me to each class, so there’s lots of opportunity for coming up with fresh color combinations. And that doesn’t include the colors that people mix.  This class was a standout in terms of mixing colors. They just started doing it without any nudging or instruction from me.

Painting camo gree shoes at ASG at 72 dpi Tecla (at right) worked happily at mixing Metallic Olive Green with varying amounts of darker colors until she got the exact shade of camouflage green she wanted for her sandals.

Blue sandals at ASG A student painting her sandals created a gorgeous medium blue — not pastel-y at all, as I would have expected — by mixing Indigo and Pearl White. She mixed an even lighter version for highlighting the edges of the straps, then sweet-talked me into sewing little Bali beads onto the point where her straps crossed. (Well, she was one of the ladies in her late sixties.)

Blue and green shoes at ASG at 72 dpi Blue and green seemed to be very popular colors in this class. The green in these upcycled flats (Metallic Olive Green, I think) got a wash applied to it (a mixture of Lumiere — looks to me like it was a metallic shade– and about 25% water), then blue paint was lightened a bit for the contrasting areas.

This was a mixed class of people who wanted to paint purses as well as shoes, and a lot of folks did both. The purse below started out white, then got sponged with Pearl Magenta, Citrine, and (I think) Metallic Bronze. The straps, which hadn’t been painted yet when I took this photo, were done with the Pearl Magenta.

Sponging a purse at ASG at 72 dpi

At the end of the class, bling-lover and embroidery wizard Bobbi Bullard, who first suggested I come teach at their group, organized  everyone to put all their creations together so we could get a photo of the class’s output for the day. Here is a closeup of part of the collection so you can see details of some of the other shoes that were done, followed by a shot showing the whole nine yards.

Closeup2 of group of shoes at ASG at 72 dpi

All finished projects at ASG at 72 dpi

I count thirty purses and pairs of shoes. If you double-click on either of the group photos above, you’ll see some very interesting color details and embellishments. And a big thanks to all the talented ASG members who made last Saturday such a festival of color and design!

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