Big initial MJust got a delightful email from mixed media artist and all around cool person Lisa Hoffman, who has transformed another pair of Payless workboots, this time with paint and glitter. Go take a look! (If you missed the earlier post about Lisa’s “True Blue” studio workboots, click here.)

The Manolo And last week I had another signal honor when The Manolo (not to be confused with the real Manolo Blahnik) used a tip I’d sent him on his shoe blog. If you don’t know about The Manolo, check him out and be prepared to laugh! He’s quite a character. Here’s a bit about him.

Some other interesting links:

  • The oldest shoe in the world has just been discovered. There are three really interesting things about it, to my mind. First, it is 5,500 years old — which makes it ten centuries older than the Great Pyramid. Next, it is a boot and covers the instep, not a sandal, which is what most early constructed (as opposed to improvised) shoes were. Last of all, it was made for the right foot, a practice (using different shape shoes for left and right feet) that wasn’t used by European shoemakers until 1850.
  • The huge Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto has lots of photos of their collection online.You can choose to look at shoes from their Asian, fashion or historical collections. A good place to get ideas for DIY shoe design.
  • Lively and fun hand-painted shoes by two artists can be seen at Kool Shoos. Be sure to turn your sound down before you click on the link though. The Welcome page plays “Blue Suede Shoes.”

Toe shoes

  •  Wearable art designer Leilani Bennett sent me a link to a whole different kind of “toe shoes” done by Belgian artist Bart Persoons. He paints images of his clients’ actual feet on their shoes. I think you’d have to have awfully elegant feet to carry it off, but… to each her own.
  • Destiny found this website — check it out for the humor, not the practicality. It’s called If Shoes Could Kill.

Have fun browsing these sites! I’ll close this blog with one of my favorite quotes about shoes:

High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead.

–Christopher Morley

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