Flower trim all @ 72 dpi Big initial MThis is the first of two posts about adding flowers to your shoes. Now, I’m not a particularly girly girl, but I fell in love with Lauren Brooks’ ribbon rose trim when I first found it.

One of the things that’s great about it is that it’s mounted on nice stretchy elastic. You can stretch it out if you want your roses less dense, or if you want to run it between parts of your shoe instead of on top of existing straps. I’ll show you what I mean.

In the secret garden before @ 72 dpi Awhile back, I was doing couple pairs of sandals as an example of turning the same shoe into two very different styles. I was fascinated by the idea of stitching something along the straps. Then I found the ribbon rose trim at a fabric outlet. I bought a yard and went to town.

I ran the trim over the toe and around the ankle. It was a little over the top, but when a friend tried it on, it looked great.  Then I got another idea. What if I ran a strand of the flowers down the outer side of the shoe from the ankle strap  to the toe? I tried it — and it was great!

In the secret garden @ 72 dpi

In the secret garden after vertical @ 72 dpi The stretch in the elastic ensured the shoe was still comfortable to wear. I will confess that at first I glued the trim to the shoe, then realized that it wouldn’t stay in place since elastic doesn’t provide a very good surface for gluing. So I popped in a DVD and went back to stitch the trim in place using a leather needle and Fireline.These shoes are called In the Secret Garden and they’re in my book.

I liked the effect so much, I decided to try to find some summery shades of this trim and stock them in the Sassy Feet store. You’ll find them there in half-yard increments in pink, bluebird, lime, orange, amethyst and deep sage.

Once I had these colors in hand, I wondered what they’d look like on a purse. So I dug around in my stash of thrift-store and friend-donated purses. I came up with a little rectangular number that cried out for tarting up!

Come into my garden before @ 72 dpi Here’s the before picture. The purse is made of woven straw and has black fabric edging and a black fabric cord as a strap.

I chose pink, orange and amethyst and ran them in rows on the front and back. I didn’t run them all the way around because I thought it might make the purse look too chubby.

I will confess (and this is the only time I’ve used it), I used a glue gun to glue the elastic back of the trim to the straw. Partly it was an experiment. Glue guns don’t work well on anything that has to bend, so I never use them on shoes or soft purses. It did work on this purse.

In the garden back at 72 dpi Next, To dress up the strap without having to replace it, I stitched on velvety rose leaves and ribbon leaf trim, which I love to use on shoes and purses alike. Yes, it took quite awhile to stitch the trim to the strap, but it was just another matter of popping in a DVD and doing it. This purse is for sale in the store.

Flower trim back side @ 72 dpi Here are some closeups of what this trim looks like (in deep sage). If you like the look of spring (and summer) flowers, give it a try!

Flower trim closeup @ 72 dpi

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