DA few weeks ago, Margot posted a blog about painting each strap on a sandal in a different hue Shades of turquoise before at 72 dpi of turquoise.  She gave me the same style shoe and asked me to come up with a design as well.  It’s a great way to illustrate the versatility that DIY shoes can give you.  The same shoe can be make completely unique, original, and personal.

Greek gladiator front @ 72 dpi I started by painting the straps and around the foot bed of the sandal with Neopaque Black.  Then I used Super Copper on the raised part of the foot bed and Metallic Bronze on the back portion of the sandal. (I chose not to seal the paint with Future, because I wanted to keep the matte look.)

While the paint dried, I decided to prepare my embellishments.  I wanted to do something with a Greek feel on these sandals, so I chose a beautiful golden spiraled trim, a few swirling brass embellishments, and a fresh water pearl to finish it off.

I didn’t want the trim to unravel so I measured my lengths, drew a line where the cuts needed to be made, and applied a dollop of the Ultimate glue (with thinner, lighter ribbons and trims use Fray-Check) and waited until it dried before cutting my trim. I attached the trim to the top and bottom strap by gluing a bit at a time with the Ultimate glue and holding it in place for a short while with spring clamps.

To prepare the centerpiece embellishment for the toe of the shoe, I laid three of the spiraled charms in a fan shape and used a little bit of E6000 on a toothpick to join them where they overlap.  Once the glue was dry (it takes 24 hours to fully set), Margot was lovely enough to stitch on the charms with a leather needle and Crystal Fireline using a yellow fresh water pearl to hold the embellishment and tie in the gold color of the trim.

The gold really pops against the black straps.  The embellishments, though simple, really make an impact.  Fit for a Greek goddess!

Greek gladiator angle 1 @ 72 dpi

As a closing note, I thought you’d like to see both of the designs side by side!

Gladiator sandals both designs

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