D I’m not new to writing. For me, in school, it was second only to art class. I loved creative AC May 2010 cover72writing, poetry, and even regular English. I was involved with Literary Journal in high school, and was the editor my senior year.  I know, big deal right!?  That’s what I think, too. I just  know I enjoy writing for so many reasons. It is as creative as painting or drawing. The words can be as evocative as images. Words have the power to change the world. And with only one minor edit in their order, the same set of words can create vastly different impressions and meanings. It’s really quite intriguing.

AC May 2010 ToC72 Last summer, Margot submitted a few different bridal shoe designs we had created to Altered Couture magazine.  And they accepted them. All of them! Awesome! We had been featured in the magazine before, but I still get excited every time. The only difference this time was… They wanted us to write full ARTICLES, not just short descriptions to go with photos of the shoes! And I had THREE articles to write, as three of the four pairs of shoes we submitted were my design: Dancer’s Delight, Cinderella Dreams, and Better Than Chocolate. Margot was to write an article about the Bridal Boots she designed.

These articles were supposed to include a bit of background information about yourself AC May 2010 ShoesIntro72 and the design, a materials list, step-by-step instructions, and tips or tricks you learned while doing the shoes.  It was so much fun to write these pieces, and it felt good, too!

Then the magazine came (it’s the May/June 2010 issue)! There was a blurb on the cover about do-it-yourself bridal shoes (I like to think that was all Margot and me), my shoes were pictured on the table of contents, and shoes by each of us were shown on the intro page to the Shoes section.  Talk about pure elation!  This is the stuff jumping up and down is made of – and that’s what I did!  Check out the article images below. (You can read the full articles on our As Seen In page.)

And feel free to congratulate us!

AC May 2010 DancersDelight

AC May 2010 BridalBoots

AC May 2010 CinderellaDreams

AC May 2010 BetterThanChocolateFULL

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