D Back when I was a DIY Shoe “greenhorn” and was first getting to know Margot, she asked me if  I wanted to come over for a shoe play day.  I was totally new to the concept, but very curious and intrigued. Plus, secretly, I just wanted to hang out with Margot.

I dug through my closet and found some shoes I wanted to spruce up.  Aha! An old pair of Dr.  DSC01026 Martens 8-eyelet boots that I hadn’t even looked at in months.  I had found them at a Ross Store for $19.99 a couple years ago, so maybe if I re-invented them I would wear them more often.  I had an idea of something edgy, sort of punk rock for my shoes’ transformation (but I have no before picture).

After looking through a ton of fabulous embellishments I settled on Pearlescent Blue and Pewter for my paint colors and a handful of embellishments: a frog, a watch face, some “Magnetic Poetry” words, a brushed stainless steel embellishment, a funky chain, and some D-Ring tape. I started by color blocking my boots using Pearlescent Blue on the sides and the Pewter for the tongue and toe.

DSC01029 Margot taught me how to fasten each of the various embellishments I had chosen. We attached a length of D-Ring tape down the back of the shoe with The Ultimate Glue, fixing the top edge and the bottom edge. Because of the flex of the shoe, the middle was left unglued so it could accommodate the motion of the shoe.

Next, I took apart the frog and threaded each half through one of the brushed metal charms. Then I stitched the frog to the bottom rung of the shoe lace with Fireline so the metal charm would hang down onto the toe.

I attached the ring portion of a toggle clasp to one end of my length of chain and the other portion of the toggle clasp to the rim of the outside of the boot.  I stitched the clasp-free end of the chain down to the inside of the shoe near the sole. Draping the chain across the shoe diagonally, I hooked the toggle clasp together, like a steel sash for my punk rock-esque boots.  Punching a small hole in a corner of each of my obscure magnetic letters, threading a jump ring through each hole, and attaching the jump rings to the chain added a little extra sass.

The final steps were to stitch a watch face to the inside of the shoe (I used a seed bead placed atop the center hole to anchor it) and dab on a little salmon- colored paint to turn Dr. Martens’ iconic yellow sole stitching a salmon pink. VOILA!

Even though the boots are a little out-there and edgy, they still attract a ton of compliments when I amDSC01027 wearing them out. At first, most people cannot believe I embellished them myself. I love telling them about how simple it is to do.


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