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Just got photos of some Keds with a wedge that a Sassy Feet-inspired artist embellished with lace, and I wanted to share them with you. Her work also made me think about that fact that lace isn’t just for weddings or fancy evening shoes. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Sandy's lacey black keds Sandy's lacey black keds after TOES Sandy from Pennsylvania has started painting and embellishing shoes for clients, but this client didn’t want any painting done, much to Sandy’s dismay. So Sandy simply glued on some lovely white lace for a study in contrasts: black and white, canvas and lace. I particularly like the way the lace scoops down over the side of the wedge.

Sandy's lacey black keds after You know, if the piece of lace you are working with doesn’t quite fit the area where you want to apply it, you can simply snip off the excess. Lace is woven so tightly that it rarely unravels. And if you’re worried about it doing so, use Fray Check for safety’s sake.

Spanish lace Here’s another example of putting white lace against black,this time Venice lace against faux black suede. The collar of the shoe is edged with polka-dot organza ribbon and the embellishment on the toe consists of a silver-plated fan charm painted with Lumiere and backed by a fan of lace.  Destiny and I designed this pair of shoes for an evening wedding, and we call them Spanish Lace.

Bridal shoes BEFORE Bridal shoes after These white satin bridal shoes got the lace treatment in such a way as to soften the straight line across the instep.

Bridal shoes after TOE I glued on a pearl-trimmed lace applique to the outer side and toe of each shoe, then attached a clear snap so the once the bride’s foot was in the shoe, she could bring the lace all the way across and snap it in place. The effect was charming — a little old-fashioned but bright and fresh as well.

By the way, if you are gluing lace to genuine leather or fabric shoes, I recommend Fabri-Tac. If you are gluing to faux suede, try The Ultimate.  The exception is when the faux suede is really a polyester fabric with nap, in which case it’s actually fabric, so use Fabri-Tac. Look inside the shoe; by law the manufacturer must say what the shoe is made of.

Next week, I’ll show you some things we’ve done with colored lace. (Hint: We put it across the toe and around the cuff of boots!)

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