Comfy shoes before at 72 dpi One thing I’ve learned living the Life of Destiny is nothing is ever as scary as you think it will be once you arrive.  We spend a lot of time getting nervous, excited, preemptive, and worried when big events are in our near future. I was so nervous about doing those fabulous jewel-toned pumps (see my previous post) for the fabulous (and very sassy) Vicki Leon.  My worries, of course, were unfounded as Vicki was thrilled and the pumps turned out wonderfully.  In fact, it all turned out so wonderfully that I was asked to do another pair! All right!

Comfy shoes after toe view at 72 dpi

This time the shoes weren’t meant to be as high-profile as the last. These were her comfy, broken-in, well-loved leather lace-up shoes that she planned to wear while tromping around the cobblestone streets of Italy. The only problem for VIcki was that they were starting to look well-loved.  You guys all know that is no problem for us!

Vicki handed over her “spats” to me for a funky makeover, but she wasn’t really interested in the pearlescent, luminous finish of Lumiere paint (the brand we usually use). She wanted a matte finish on her leather lovelies. We have just the thing.  If Margot and I want a leather paint that covers as flawlessly as Lumiere, but dries to a matte finish, we use Angelus leather paint. It comes in a lot of colors and has always given us great results.

I started by prepping the surface with a deglazer made by Angelus.  Once the surface was prepped and completely dry I started by painting a custom mix of purpleish-pink on the upper leather panel. I let the shoes dry about 10 minutes in front of a heater, which shortens the drying time. Then I painted on another coat. Next I used Angelus black to paint the tongue and toe. I only needed one coat of black.

My only snafu came when I did the laces, which needed A LOT of coats of yellow. I lost count on how many I did to cover the laces evenly. It did work eventually, however. I don’t think the problem was due to the Angelus paint, because the other two colors went on flawlessly.  I think the problem was the nature of the color yellow. It’s a light pigment, like white, and sort of translucent. The final touch was to add some black “blocks” on the laces to tie them in with the shoe. Once all the painting was done, I brushed on an Angelus sealant/finisher.

I wasn’t there when Vicki picked up her shoes, but I heard she was very, very pleased! Phew! I managed to pull it off again. I’m so glad she loves them. And to think, a Sassy Feet! pair of shoes were touching the cool cobblestone streets of Europe! Wow. How wonderful!

Comfy shoes after at 72 dpi  


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