Big initial M Back in June I sent out a press release with LOTS of photos to 30 women’s fashion magazines telling their readers how to glitter up their old dress shoes for the holidays. (In the world of glossy magazines, everything has to be in six months ahead of the publication date.) Along with the release I sent before-and-after photos of five dressy shoes, which, frankly, took awhile to create!

I heard back from one of those magazines, All You, which said they’d run a piece about glittering your shoes in their December issue. Hurrah! Sassy Feet makes the national press! Sort of…. Here’s the cover and the “article.”

All You 12-18-09 cover

All You fashion page with arrow

It helps to have a magnifying glass to read it!  Well, as they say, ANY press coverage is good press coverage, so I’m grateful. But, I’d like to show you the photos of the shoes, which would have been much more effective conveyors of information!

Here they are. The photos on top are the befores (duh).

Sparkly Silver before smaller Shamrock before smaller Sparkly Silver glitter smaller Shamrock glitter smaller Above, black fabric heels painted with Metallic Silver Lumiere, then glittered with Sparkling Silver Glitter It! paint.

At right, black patent leather slingback peeptoes painted with Pearlescent Emerald Lumiere, then glittered with Shamrock Glitter It! paint.

Really Red before smaller Starlet before smaller Really Red glitter smaller

Starlet glitter smaller Above, black manmade leather kitten heels painted with Crimson Lumiere, then glittered with Really Red Glitter It! paint.

At right, black faux croc peeptoe heels (not painted since they were already a good color over which to apply the glitter paint) glittered with Starlet Glitter It! paint. This is a particlular gorgeous color of glitter as it has little holographic bits in it that subtly reflect the colors of the rainbow. Hard to see in the photo, though, even if you click on it to enlarge it.

Antique Gold before smaller And last but not least, who DOESN’T need sparkly gold pumps for the holidays? At right is the “before,” a genuine leather peeptoe, which I painted with Bright Gold Lumiere (True Gold or Brass would have worked equally well) then glittered with one of our most beautiful shades of glitter paint, Antique Gold Glitter It!

Antique Gold glitter smaller

Now here’s your reward for reading all the way to the bottom of the blog.  If you order a bottle of Lumiere ($5.19) and a bottle of Glitter It! ($6.99) before Dec. 31, I’ll include instructions on how to use the paints and ship them to you in a first-class package for about $2.30. (This won’t work if you order additional items as the package will be too heavy. Also, no need to order sealer when you’ve got Glitter It! on top of your paint.)

How to get this cheap method of shipping? Just pick Media Mail shipping (which is normally only good for shipping books) AND add a note to me that you want your package to go first class.

Total cost to redo some holiday shoes? About $14.50 (plus tax if you live in California).

Glitter palette with color names Here’s the palette of glitter colors you can choose from. And, at the bottom of the page where you order Glitter It! paint is a chart showing you which colors of Lumiere paint work best underneath which color of Glitter It! No excuses now, get glittering!

Me, I’m going to glitter some black high-tops with Starlet for a private New Year’s Eve dance party at home. (Hear that, honey?)

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