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Yup. Boots in July. That’s because I just had two pairs of boots accepted by the magazine Altered Couture for their November-December issue. And, since I typically paint and embellish only the right boot, shoe, sandal, or whatever (and save the left one as a “before” example for my classes), I’ve had to get busy and do the left boots to meet their editorial deadline.Fandango after-1 at 72 dpi

The good news is, when I first dreamed up this right-foot-only plan for doing shoes for my book, Sassy Feet! How to Paint, Bead, Bedeck, and Embellish Your Shoes, I made notes on the paints and techniques I used and stashed away the necessary embellishments to complete the pair, should I ever need to.

Yesterday it was time to pull out the left boots and make them match the right ones. The first pair is called Fandango. It started out black with a nice stacked heel of real wood. I got out my own copy of Sassy Feet to see what the description said about them, and learned that I’d painted the whole boot Metallic Rust, then created an antique look by brushing on then rubbing off a light coating of black paint. You have to do this in very small areas at a time so that the black paint doesn’t get a chance to dry!

When the painting was done, I glued down the feather pad (this one is from Michaels). Last, I glued the little beaded embellishment on top of it.

Fringe benefits after-1 at 72 dpi

The next project was a little tougher. It’s a boot called Fringe Benefit, which also started out solid black. It’s painted in a silver-blue sheen, which meant mixing a little bit of Pearlescent Blue into a big blob of Metallic Silver until I got the same color as on the right boot. Then I applied the paint with a cosmetic sponge, dabbing lightly so as not to completely cover the original black of the boot. When It dried, I glued three-inch-long confetti trim (found in home dec stores and sites) around the collar of the boot using The Ultimate. Last of all, I stitched on a cameo I’d made from components that I got at Fire Mountain Gems. (You buy the cameo and its setting separately and glue them together with E6000.)  

So that’s why you’re seeing boots in July on this blog. If you’re interested in what the originals looked like, here they are. I’ve lost my “before” boots except in the form of these photos, but it will be worth these two pairs appear in Altered Couture.  To see all the other Sassy Feet shoes that have been in past issues of that magazine, check out the In the Media page on our website.

Fringe benefits before-1 at 72 dpi  Fandango before-1 at 72 dpi

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